Dale Miller’s AR-15 – Completed!

Dale's Completed AR-15 - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader (Click to Enlarge)

When it comes to guy  time – it’s hard to beat putting a rifle together from scratch! Recently, my good friend and neighbor Dale Miller and I started to put together an AR-15 (his first AR-15) for him from individual parts. I already had the tools and supplies from the AR-MPR build, so putting together additional rifles was a natural extension of what’s been going on at http://ultimatereloader.com – and a lot of fun!

Needless to say, Dale is very excited about the outcome, and very much looking forward to the function check range session! Each time you put together an AR-15 you learn something. This time, I learned to have an AR-15 lost parts kit on hand. You never know when that detent or spring will go flying across the room. If you have a lost parts kit, you can just grab an extra and keep building/smithing. If you don’t – you may be begging from friends or driving to the store (if you have a store near you with AR-15 individual parts).

Friend Dale Miller - the "proud new owner" with his completed AR-15 - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

If you guys are interested, I’ll post more details about the components that Dale selected for this rifle.

**Update: I just completed a post on NWGUN.com that includes a complete bill of materials. Check it out!



17 thoughts on “Dale Miller’s AR-15 – Completed!”

  1. Gavin, please post what parts he used, and if possible the prices. That looks like a FANTASTIC build and would love more details.

  2. Gavin looks like a nice build. What barrel, scope mount, scope and upper and lower did he use?
    I am doing a similar build but in a 6.5 Grendel and am using the Adams Arms piston system.

  3. Gavin,

    None of my neighbors like to play with guns. I’m jealous.

    Looks like a great build. During my first AR lower build, I spent nearly an hour crawling around on the floor looking for the front takedown pin detent. I’m with you on having spare parts.

    If this is his first AR-15, he’s skipped the crawling and walking phases and moved right to flying! That AR looks sick. The full floating handguard looks great.

    Please give us a list of components that were used AND his feedback after shooting a few times.

    Are you planning to help him build a custom load?

  4. Hey Gavin/Dale,


    As for the scope, it looks like a Millett 4-16X50 tactical illuminated scopes? As for the scope mount, it looks like it’s one of the Rock River Arms one piece Hi-Rise AR mounts?

    As to the rest of it, I won’t even begin to try and guess.

  5. Impressive and informative series. I found you on youtube looking for information about what components to select and buy for my build. Your series took some of the fright out of building your own. But I’m still hungry for more about component info.


  6. Glad to see that the AR world like the choices I made on this build. I spent a lot of time mapping out the parts I wanted for this AR and, I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. I need the time to make some custom loads, but rest assured, the results will be shared.

    I would love some thoughts/ ideas for my next build, an AR-10 in .308. The AR-10 was supposed to be my first build, but I did not have the knowledge I do now and am glad I waited. I can’t wait to get to the range and dial this baby in!

    Gavin has the list of parts that I used in this build and will share them in the near future.

  7. Now that is what I call a well Built AR15! Check mine out. I was going for the M4 look. But I want a separate upper and have it look something like yours! I like your Hornady ad and the other Obama one! Hornady makes good ammo.

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