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For AR-MPR, I’m chasing a .5 – .75 MOA accuracy goal. Initially, I started with 3-shot groups when I function tested the rifle, but have upgraded the challenge to “consistent 5-shot groups at .5 – .75 MOA”. In order to track my progress, I’ve taken a hint from Paul over at – use the free OnTarget software that you can download here. This software makes consistently measuring your groups easy!

Here’s an example 5-shot group from my last trip to the range with the AR-MPR rifle:

5-Shot group at 100 yards measured with OnTarget software - Digital caliper scale used for reference to set scale - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

As you can see here, I hit .759 MOA which is just .009 MOA too large! I think that’s half the fun with this project is getting everything dialed in for consistent tight groups (including the shooter).

I’ll do additional range reports as we finish our video series on single-stage precision loading with the Redding Big Boss II here shortly.

If you like to quantify your range results, give OnTarget a try!


One thought on “AR-MPR – OnTarget Software – Measure Groups Easily”

  1. If your shooting groups with you AR-15, then you need to weight everything you load… PERIOD… Bullets, Brass, powder… etc… progressives are very hard to load on and get accurate results. My AR-15 will shoot 1/2 MOA with a hand full of loads due to this process. Also make sure you loading to the max mag length you can shoot reliably 2.248″ OAL has done me well.

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