Creedmoor Sports Holiday Sale!

Creedmoor Sports doesn’t want you to miss out on the incredible deals starting this week. As the weather begins to turn cold, it’s time to determine what shooting equipment you’ll need to replace or upgrade, and what’s going to help you start loading ammo for the next season. Beginning November 22, nearly every Creedmoor product is on sale, along with select items from brands like Radians, IOSSO, Hi-Lux, Sightron, and Anschutz.

About Creedmoor Sports, Inc.

Since 1979, Creedmoor Sports has been supplying the precision rifle shooter with quality equipment. Specializing in competitive centerfire, smallbore, and air rifle accessories, as well as reloading components and tools, Creedmoor seeks to provide their customers with the right gear to help them achieve their personal shooting goals.

Here are some of the great deals!

Creedmoor Sports has items on sale in just about every category, here’s some of the highlights:

Creedmoor’s 55” and 60” Blue Deluxe Rifle Cases, regularly $149.95, are on sale for just $119.95. They’re great for larger rifles, with or without scopes, and provide plenty of pocket space to carry extra gear.

If you’re in the market for a new competition sling, Creedmoor Sports has both the Ron Brown Service Rifle Sling and the Turner All-Weather Sling at only $64.95.

The extremely popular Bullseye Mind book and informative books by Jim Owens are also available at discounted prices.

The Complete 1” Polecat V2 Spotting Scope Stand, regularly $364.95, is at the awesome price of $329.95. This super sturdy tripod will support most spotting scopes with objective lens diameters up to 100mm. The 1” rod helps to prevent vibration from the wind and the scope head can be easily manipulated to align your spotting scope with your target, while maintaining its position when tightened.

Creedmoor will be offering special deals throughout the holiday season, so continue to check out their their Holiday Sale category at the top of their website to see what products you can save money on.

Stay tuned for more deals, check back at on Friday to catch the Black Friday deals (which are different)!

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  1. This is something I have wanted to mention for a long time. When you talk about a product, sweepstakes, sale, etc. and give an URL in your video it is difficult to capture that information. Please add the URLs you discuss down in the dialog portion of the video. Sure would help us old folks out. Thanks for all your great videos over the years. Not sure how long I have been watching you channel but it has been for years.

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