TESTED: SK Long Range Match 22LR (to 400 yards)

SK Ammo recently introduced the SK Long Range Match 22LR. Is it accurate enough for ELR style shooting? In this story, we put it to the test.


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SK Long Range Match

From the SK Product Page:

SK is proud to announce the latest offering for long range rimfire shooters: the SK Long Range Match. Long Range Match was developed for demanding .22 LR enthusiasts routinely acquiring targets out to 100 meters / yards and beyond. SK Long Range is purpose-built for today’s long range rimfire shooting disciplines ever-increasing in popularity, such as PRC, tactical rimfire, long range silhouette and more. Match grade ammo you can rely on in any situation.

SK Long Range delivers accurate, high-quality rounds that reliably feed through your competitive target rifle. Centerfire competition shooters will also find SK Long Range Match the ideal training companion to prepare with .22 platforms similar to their big bore configuration. Whether you’re actively competing in today’s popular long range rimfire sports or connecting with LR targets from the firing line at your local club, instill the confidence you deserve with new SK Long Range Match.

Sighting in at 100yds

In our test, the SK Long Range Match is consistent and groups excellent at 50 and 100 yards. See pic below of the very first 50 yd group shot with the SK Long Range Match and the Anschutz 1710 – Impressive right out of the box.

Here’s a 10 shot group:

Data Gathering

The SK Long Range Match website lists the chronograph data at 1099fps.

Manufacturer’s ballistic data – click here 

We chronographed the SK Long Range using the Caldwell G2 Chronograph, the Anschutz 1710 Competition, and the Bergara B14-R. Click on the images below for those video reviews.

Anschutz 1710 Competition video:

Bergara B-14R video:

The data below shows a slight difference in velocity between the two rifles. The Anschutz has an 18” barrel while the Bergara, a 16” barrel. The Anschutz was 15fps slower due to its longer barrel imposing more friction on the bullet. This is a great example of why it is highly recommended to chrono your rifle to gather good data. Don’t rely on our data or the box data for good D.O.P.E.

We are pushing rimfire ammunition beyond what it was designed to do. 10 years ago very few people were shooting even beyond 200 yds. Shooting at these distances has become routine for competition and recreational shooting. Because 22LR is literally falling on its face at these distances, the consistency of the ammunition is paramount.

In order to quantify consistency for this ammunition, we measured rim thickness and we weighed 10 cartridges. The results on the chart below reflect the data gathered.

This is some GREAT consistency, which is evidenced in the velocity data shown above.

Getting the Results

For the SK Long Range Match Ammunition, the ballistics data calculator indicated that 19.2 mils of elevation were needed to reach our 400 yd target. However, what we observed was quite different. This is a common situation, and that’s why I recommend confirming your data by shooting multiple distances and “truing” your ballistics calculator. Even when you true your data, environmentals can affect those numbers. This was evidenced by our 400 yd shooting results.

My first shot went way over the target – over 3 mils high. The heat of the day caused a significant updraft. A quick adjustment of the dial, and I was on target. Happily I was able to make multiple hits on both targets (including 7 in a row on the larger target). Success with the SK Long Range Match ammunition! Thanks to SK and Anschutz for a fulfilling shooting experience! This was super enjoyable to make happen.

Will we be doing more long-range rimfire shooting at UR? Absolutely! We’d love to hear your ideas for future stories, please leave a comment!

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  1. Feeding through the magazine often produces variables that can be avoided by direct individual chamber loading. Perhaps you can improve by single loading.

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