ANSCHÜTZ USA Facility Tour

If you like things that are unique and precision oriented, this is the story for you! While in town visiting Creedmoor Sports, they were able to get me into the Anschütz North America facility- the official importer for Anschütz rifles here in the states (with their offerings available at the Creedmoor Sports website). I had no idea what I was in for, it was an amazing experience!

About Anschütz

From Wikipedia:

J. G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG is a sporting firearms manufacturer based in Ulm, Germany founded in 1856 that makes rimfire and centerfire rifles as well as air rifles and air pistols for target and competition shooting, as well as hunting. Anschütz rifles are used by many competitive shooters participating in the Summer Olympics 50 meter rifle events and is the maker of the standard biathlon rifle used at the Winter Olympics.

Anschutz North America

From the Anschütz North America website:

The focus of ANSCHÜTZ North America is the importation, distribution, and service of all ANSCHÜTZ hunting, sporting, and target rifles. We have also recently established ourselves as a direct importer of RWS products. This product range consists of smallbore ammunition, air rifle and air pistol pellets, and centerfire ammunition. This improvement will streamline the importation of products, offer a wider range of rifles, a larger standing inventory, and soon feature a dedicated service center just for ANSCHÜTZ customers. For standard production items, we do not sell directly to the consumer, but if you are interested in a particular ANSCHÜTZ product or Special Edition, Custom Shop, or Premium Line rifles, please contact us and we can work with one of our current dealers to meet your hunting, competition, and sporting rifle needs.

My Anschütz North America Tour

My Anschütz North America tour was facilitated by Brent from Creedmoor Sports (pictured at left), and was conducted by Austin at Anschütz North America (pictured at right). We started out by covering an overview of Anschütz rifles, then moved into one of the rifle storage areas. WOW! There were some AMAZING rifles to look at, including Meister Grade hand-select specimens:

It was interesting to see on paper (test cards) how well these rifles can shoot. I learned from talking with Austin how particular precision rimfire testing can be- with people obsessing over lot numbers and particular SKUs of ammunition to get the best results possible. It’s quite a process to evaluate a firearm!

The Rifle Shop

Austin showed me around the shop he works in day in and day out- repairing, customizing, and upgrading customers’ rifles for their particular needs (typically competition). Brent Books from Creedmoor Sports (pictured above, right) showed me a couple of customer rifles that he was there to pick up, and in the video you can hear about all of the crazy features and customizations that these rifles have.

Shooting in the Underground Range

OK, this was COOL! Austin took us down underground where he performs testing and evaluation of rifles at 50 Meters and 100 Meters. What’s better than an underground tour? I got to shoot an Anschütz benchrest rifle there, and I’ll tell you, this rifle shot AMAZING!

Above: the 0.126″ 5-shot group I shot at 50 Meters with the Anschütz benchrest rifle.

All I can say is, I hope I can go back to Anschütz North America, I had a GREAT time!

Get Anschütz Products at Creedmoor Sports

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  1. I know so little about riffles like ZOODOO built on REM 700 actions and paired to ultra premium barrels. How would they and others blind them compare to these German wonders. I’m no afraid to let my ignorance show here. I want to learn and know all that I can because at some point this will be a direction that in will likely follow all the way to my retired financial limits. Son please help!

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