NEW Pile Driver Bullet Puller from Frankford Arsenal

Breaking down ammunition is not what most reloaders want to spend their time doing! It’s typically a slow process, and can be quite taxing on the nerves as well (Example: breaking down 200 rounds with a hammer-type bullet puller). What’s more: many bullet pulling setups require caliber-specific parts. Enter the Frankford Arsenal Pile Driver which is all-new for 2020!

What’s In the Box

Here’s what you’ll find in the box:

  • Pile Driver assembly
  • Instructions
  • Mounting screws

Installing the Pile Driver is easy- you’ll need a solid wall to screw the unit to- wood would be best (as shown in the video). The included screws work great if you have a solid surface to work with. Note that you’ll have to raise the handle to reveal two of the screws which requires inserting and locking a carrier.

Pulling Bullets with the Pile Driver

Pulling bullets with the Pile Driver is easy: here’s what you’ll do for each cartridge to be broken down.

Insert Cartridge into Carrier

There is a spring loaded collet on the end of the carrier (insert that’s used to hold cartridge) where you insert your cartridge bullet first until it clicks into place:

Snap the Carrier Into the Pile Driver

The carrier is inserted into the Pile Driver (you’ll see an outline of the carrier) with an upward motion until it snaps in place. You then rotate the lock dial on the carrier. This enables the carriage to slide cocking the Pile Driver into the “armed state”.

Lift and Lower the Handle

Lifting the handle actuates the springs, and latches the carriage into the “armed” state. If after arming the Pile Driver you then lower the handle, you’ll feel resistance at the bottom of the handle’s stroke just prior to the carriage being released. If the bullet and powder were dropped, you can then remove the carriage. If not, repeat the raising and lowering of the handle until the bullet and powder are visible in the catch cup (smoked gray in color, transparent).

You can now remove the catch cup (bullet and powder). It’s held in place with a tension latch that is depressed under the catch cup to release it.

Remove Shellcasing from Carriage

The carriage can be removed from the Pile Driver after the lock dial is unlocked. I found it useful to have a dowel shaped object on hand to push the shellcasing through the collet (see picture above).

The process is actually the same regardless of what kind of ammunition you’re breaking down, you just have to be sure to order and use the correct size carrier for the ammunition you’re breaking down.

There are two carriers for the Pile Driver:

  • Small: Up to 30-06, 308 and similar
  • Large: From 30-06 up to 338 Lapua

Available Shortly

The Pile Driver and carriers will be available shortly, and I’ll update this article when it is!

Coming Soon: Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die

I got to see this new die at the 2020 Shot Show, and it JUST came into the shop! Here’s my discussion with Jarrod Grove at this year’s SHOT Show where we talked about both Pile Driver and the Universal Seating Die:

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One thought on “NEW Pile Driver Bullet Puller from Frankford Arsenal”

  1. I actually dig it and now it’s yet another tool, in the gun realm, that’s on my wish/want list.

    That said, I assume you’re left with primed brass. Again, assuming so, what will or do you do in regards to removing the primers on that improperly sized military brass you mentioned in order to resize it?

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