Brass Deals from Capital Cartridge: Coupon Code and Cash for Brass

If you’re looking for good deals on brass, consider previously fired brass! Capital Cartridge offers a wide variety of different options for previously fired brass, including specialty calibers. Here’s an update on how you can save money at Capital Cartridge, and also get reimbursed for your used brass!

Save 10% on Your Capital Cartridge Order

You can save 10% on your entire Capital Cartridge order by using the ULTIMATE coupon code at checkout! Click here:

Get Cash for Your Brass

If you have brass that you don’t need, Capital Cartridge will pay you for it via their program called Cash for Brass! It doesn’t matter if it’s once fired or 100 times fired, Capital Cartridge can recycle it regardless. To learn more about this program, please click here:

Every penny adds up! Here’s some information about the program from the Cash for Brass page:

Cash for Brass is the brass credit program offered by Capital Cartridge that allows you to recoup some of the cost of shooting by selling brass casings. We’ve taken the fuss out of selling used brass and have streamlined the process, allowing you to have money in your pocket faster than before.

Why Recycle Brass Casings?

One thing every gun owner can agree on is the fact that shooting guns is expensive. This is especially true for those shooters who don’t sell used brass. Regardless of how often you shoot, you are losing money for every round you don’t sell back. Think of the benefits you could enjoy simply by selling spent brass:

    • You could put the extra money toward gun upgrades or a new firearm altogether could finally clean your garage/shed of those buckets full of spent casings.
    • You could finally save for that trip you’ve been wanting to go on.

If you’re wondering what to do with spent brass, register online today!

Look for Capital Cartridge brass in upcoming reloading features- Don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


2 thoughts on “Brass Deals from Capital Cartridge: Coupon Code and Cash for Brass”

  1. It’d be great to use this service, but it just doesn’t pencil out for somebody any distance at all from Houston. I live in NW Montana, and shipping 70 pounds (the max weight allowed by USPS) would cost $423 while the value of the brass in $93. Doesn’t take a MBA to reach a quick conclusion. Do you know of other brass buyers in the NW?

  2. Many reloading sites say not to use brass that is not your own fired brass. Please excuse the double negative. Personally I don’t think it’s that bad if you inspect cases diligently. Especially if they are truly once fired. I’ll assume your endorsement will give us the confidence that Capital is credible,hence worth trying.

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