SHOT Show 2020: ATN New Products

ATN is rapidly advancing electro-optics, and the underlying technologies that enable these exciting products. This year at the SHOT Show, I caught up with the head of marketing, Steve Lemenov to hear about ATN new products. Here is the discussion we had.

New for ATN, Clip-On Thermal: TICO LT

This is big news! Later in 2020, ATN will debut their first clip-on thermal: TICO LT. This will enable you to add ATN thermal technology and capabilities to most standard rifle optics! I’ll share more details as they become available.

Some high-level TICO LT details:

  • Mounts in ~2 seconds
  • Various scope mounting adapters
  • Picatinny rail mount will be available

OTS LT Thermal Monocular Updates

OTS LT has been redesigned! A light-weight 1.2lb thermal monocular that’s focused on the fundamentals and value. Will be available with the updated thermal sensor technology as well (12 μm).

X-Sight LTV

Focused on simplicity, and with day/night modes, the X-Sight LTV is a value-oriented electo-optic. This product should be available Summer 2020. Stay tuned!

THOR LT Updates

The THOR LT won awards in 2019 based on it’s capabilities and price-point. Aimed at night hunters on a budget, this thermal scope delivers ATN’s core capabilities without all of the extras. For 2020, the THOR LT lineup will be expanded to include ATN’s new 12 μm sensor. Look for updates later this year!

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