SHOT Show 2020: Recap and Range Day

The 2020 SHOT show was AWESOME! In this post/video, I’ll share my experiences at the range day, introduce you to some awesome content creators, and also give you a preview of the rest of my SHOT show 2020 content that will be published in the coming weeks.

Range Day

The SHOT show range day is a great place to meet people, see new products, and of course to get “hands-on” with guns. Instead of trying to “boil the ocean” (shoot everything, see everything) I decided to focus more on the experience, and the guns/platforms that were of most interest. The following is a summary!

Advanced Shooting Analytics Chassis

While at the range day, I met John Maguire, the CEO of Advanced Shooting Analytics (and a subscriber of Ultimate Reloader!). Their aim is to produce a rifle chassis that is not temperature sensitive like other platforms are (shifting POI with changes in temperature). It was great to get to know John briefly during multiple visits at the show, and I can’t wait to hear more about their technology.

You can check out their chassis by clicking on this image:

Savage 110 Elite Precision

The Savage 110 Elite Precision is the first Savage rifle that I’ve had experience with in a chassis platform. Shooting at ranges up to 960 yards, I had no problem getting “on steel”. Given my great experience with the MDT chassis (ACC), I’d say this would be a great rifle for things like PRS competition.

From the Savage product page:


  • Savage factory blueprinted action
  • MDT ACC aluminum chassis with fully adjustable stock
  • ARCA Rail along the entire length of the chassis
  • Stainless steel, flash nitride target receiver
  • Titanium Nitride bolt body
  • 1.5 4 lb user adjustable AccuTrigger
  • Self timing taper aligned muzzlebrake
  • MDT Vertical Grip and AICS magazine

Savage 110 ULTRALITE

The Savage 110 ULTRALITE is an interesting concept: build a sub-7lb rifle for far less than you’d typically pay for a rifle in this weight range. Oh, and include some great features as well! This was another rifle I had no problem hitting targets at almost 1000 yards with. Seems like a great option for weight-conscious hunters that hike steep terrain like I do!

From the Savage product page:


  • Factory blueprinted action
  • Lightweight Stainless Steel Receiver with Melonite Finish
  • Grey AccuFit ™ Stock with Adj. Comb height, Length of Pull, and overmold surfaces
  • Exclusive PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped Stainless Steel Cut Rifled Barrel
  • Threaded muzzle for 5/8 24 with flush fit cap
  • 1.5 4 lb user adjustable AccuTrigger
  • Detachable box magazine
  • Spiral Fluted Bolt
  • Drilled & Tapped Receiver (8 40)

475 Bishop Short Magnum

In the picture above, you can see an AR-10 magazine stuffed with a very powerful cartridge that features a rebated rim 308 case head design: the 475 Bishop Short Magnum. Claiming to be the most powerful AR-10 cartridge in the world, this rifle platform is capable of delivering 5,500 ft-lb energy down-range. That’s DOUBLE what you’d get with the well-known 308 Winchester. I decided to try one of the bolt-action rifles on hand chambered in this powerful cartridge because I wanted to “feel the full experience”.

It wasn’t bad at all to shoot! I think the effective muzzle brake was what made that possible! I’d certainly be curious to have more hands-on time with this cartridge and rifle platform. It’s “extreme”, and that’s typically a plus for me :).

YouTuber Meet-Ups

The SHOT Show is typically my “best opportunity” of the year to meet and hang out with fellow content creators. At this year’s SHOT show I saw quite a few familiar faces, and was introduced to some awesome new channels as well!


While at the Federal booth, I saw a very familiar face: Greg from the Hickok45 YouTube channel! I introduced myself, thanked Greg for his contributions to our community, and had a pleasant conversation with him. What a down-to-earth cool guy!

Click here to subscribe to Hickok45 on YouTube:

Iraq Veteran 8888

I’ve recently gotten to know Chad from the iv8888 YouTube channel by email and on the phone, so it was great to run into him at the SHOT show! It’s great to talk with someone that also shares a passion for guns, cameras, and content creation.

Click here to subscribe to iv8888 on YouTube:

Eagle Eye Shooting

I’ve known Kenny (pictured above holding a 6.5 PRC chambered Ruger American rifle) for a year now, and it’s been awesome to chat guns, reloading, and gunsmithing with him! We were “partners in crime” this year- attending the range day together and helping each-other out at the SHOW. You should check out his content!

Click here to subscribe to Eagle Eye shooting on YouTube:

West Desert Shooter

I met Logan from West Desert Shooter (seen far left above with the Uintah Precision team) at last year’s shot show, and it was GREAT to hang out with him again. Logan has a bunch of great videos covering things like long-range rifles and gear, optics, as well as long-range shooting adventures. If you like precision rifles, you need to subscribe!

Click here to subscribe to West Desert Shooter on YouTube:

Alabama Arsenal

While hanging out with the CMMG team, I met a super-cool guy: Tim Potter from Alabama Arsenal. Tim and his sons publish gun reviews, optics reviews, suppressor content, and more. His content is definitely “pro-grade”, and I’m looking forward to watching more of it!

Click here to subscribe to Alabama Arsenal on YouTube:

Impact Shooting with Piet

Piet is down in South Africa, and his channel (Impact Shooting) will be of interest if you’re into PRS, hunting, gear, and general adventures! It seemed like I Piet and I showed up at all of the same places at SHOT (MDT, Hornady, …) which was fun. I’m hoping to collaborate with Piet on some content this year, and have some ideas brewing…

Click here to subscribe to Impact Shooting on YouTube:

Kentucky Ballistics

Do you like fun with guns? If so, you should check out and subscribe to Kentucky Ballistics on YouTube! I got to have dinner with Scott (the host) and his dad (also contributes to the channel) where we had a great time “talking shop”.

Click here to subscribe to Impact Shooting on YouTube:

More to Come from SHOT Show 2020!

Over the next few weeks I’ve got a LOT more stories coming from SHOT Show 2020. So make sure you’re subscribed!


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