224 Valkyrie a Year Later: In-Depth Discussion with Federal at 2019 SHOT Show

Since its debut just before the SHOT Show last year, 224 Valkyrie has literally been the “hot topic” in the gun industry. In this video I discuss the first year for 224 Valkyrie: facts, misconceptions, and the story of how Federal Premium has worked with the industry and the community to realize the full potential of this cartridge and rifle platform. There have been ups, downs, and some unexpected surprises – topics we discuss in this video!

I want to thank Justin Johnson and Federal Premium for the opportunity to have this discussion. I think it’s great when a company like Federal takes feedback from the community, and “leans into” some of the challenges associated with a project like 224 Valkyrie. As mentioned in the video, Justin hangs out online with the enthusiasts that are helping to “pave the way” towards exciting new applications for this cartridge like bolt-action rifle offerings for 224 Valkyrie.

Here are a couple of the Facebook groups that you can join if you are a 224 Valkyrie enthusiast:

Valkyrie Bolt Actions – a place to discuss bolt-action 224 Valkyrie Rifles
Valkyrie Ascending – A place to discuss reloading the 224 Valkyrie Cartridge
Do you have first-hand 224 Valkyrie experiences to share? Please leave a comment! I still have a lot more content coming related to 224 Valkyrie, so make sure you’re subscribed!

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