UR Weekly Giveaway: Win 250pcs Starline Brass, Rifle or Pistol!

As promised, I’ll be doing a giveaway on Ultimate Reloader EVERY WEEK in 2019! (unless I’m unable to move with the flu 🙂 ). Here’s the first challenge, share your Starline story on the UR Facebook for a chance to win!

Share Your Story For a Chance To Win

Click here and add your own reply for a chance to win!

How to increase your odds of winning:

  • Required: Tag two friends!
  • Required: Like the UR Facebook page
  • Post GREAT pictures!
  • Write a compelling story in your reply

Here are some ideas:

  • Game you’ve taken with Starline brass
  • Groups you’ve shot with Starline brass
  • Picture of the cartridges you’ve loaded (the more the variety and quantity the better!)
  • Artistic pictures of Starline brass and cartridges loaded with Starline brass

Good luck! Winner will be announced on YouTube, make sure you’re subscribed!


2 thoughts on “UR Weekly Giveaway: Win 250pcs Starline Brass, Rifle or Pistol!”

  1. Just getting started reloading. I was given this old equipment from a friend of mine and can’t wait to get started . Love this old equipment.

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