MEC Bench Top Powder Measure: King of Capacity

MEC Makes great reloading equipment. Many families have loaded shotshells on MEC equipment for generations. But in the last few years, MEC has offered a whole new lineup of metallic reloading equipment with the MEC Marksman press at center stage. In the next couple stories I’ll be using some of the accessories and other MEC metallic equipment starting with the MEC Powder Measure in this story!

What’s in the Box

The MEC Powder Measure comes with the complete manual-throw powder measure, a nice steel stand, and instructions. Here I am putting things together:

Here are some specs for the MEC Powder Measure:

  • Type: Rotating drum with removable metering insert
  • Powder hopper: Holds up to two pounds powder, screw-in type with plastic cap on top
  • Powder drop tube: optimized for 30 cal case mouths or small  powder pans
  • Drop capacity: from 1 grain to 60 grains

Using the MEC Powder Measure

The MEC Powder measure operates much the same way that other powder measures do- you lift a handle to rotate the drum, which drops a powder charge. Here are some things that are unique about the MEC Powder Measure:

  • It comes with a very heavy duty stand
  • It has a huge powder reservoir (about twice the size or more of most bench powder measures)
  • Screw in hopper (as opposed to lexan tube types found on other measures)
  • Quick release pin to release metering insert and for disassembly

I tried the MEC powder measure with Varget powder, and with the MEC powder trickler. For each charge I would:

  1. Throw the charge about 0.5 grains “light”
  2. Trickle the charge up to the exact weight
  3. Use a funnel to pour the powder into the case

So far the MEC Powder Measure is working great. Make sure you’re subscribed because I’ll be using the MEC Powder Measure and other MEC gear/supplies to load precision 224 Valkyrie ammunition!


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