Alliant 2400: Versatile Magnum Pistol Powder

There are some powders that are so versatile you’ll always want to have a supply on hand. If you shoot any magnum pistol, Alliant 2400 is one of those powders! I’ve been using Alliant 2400 for a decade now, and have gotten some great results using it for both 357 Magnum, and for 44 Magnum.

From my 2010 write-up feautring my Ruger GP-100:

This combination yielded some great results. Below is a 6-shot group fired off-hand from 30′ range using the Ruger GP-100.


One of the key features with Alliant 2400 is its ability to be loaded at reduced power. Not as sensitive as some other magnum powders (such as H-110), Alliant 2400 performs great a full powder, and at reduced power. Now, I’ve found another application for this powder: the 500 S&W Magnum!

Alliant 2400 for the 500 S&W Magnum

Alliant 2400 has a new look (see above) with the same great powder inside.

If you have any experience with 500 S&W Magnum you know how intense it can be. If you really want to enjoy big-bore magnum revolvers, down-loading to reduced power is a great capability. With lighter bullets and reduced powder charge, you can transform a 44 Magnum or 500 S&W Magnum from a “bucking bronco” to a “tame pony” (or close to it at least!).

Load data from video:

  • Case: Starline 500 S&W Magnum (new)
  • Powder: Alliant 2400, 29.4 grains (70% max load), 33.6 grains (80% max load), 40 grains (95% max load)
  • Bullet: Hornady XTP Mag 350 grain
  • Primer: Federal 210 Small Rifle

Use load data at your own risk. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. Always cross-reference load data with manufacturer’s published data.

Just be careful when you load reduced loads with any magnum powder as you can lose efficiency (quickly) once you get below the optimum charge weight range. In this case (see load data above) I decided that 70% was the cutoff point, but for future loads I would load in the 80-90% range for 500 S&W Magnum with Alliant 2400. The reason being, below 80% you’ll start to get unburned granules of powder and a dirty burn. I actually went WAY too low in charge weight, and ended up sticking my first bullet in the bore. Whoops! Fortunately it was an easy extraction with a brass punch and some careful tapping. Lesson learned, and now I know what range my 500 S&W Magnum will shoot cleanly with Alliant 2400!

So, if you are looking for a versatile powder for magnum pistol loads, check out Alliant 2400! You can buy Alliant 2400 at Midsouth Shooters Supply HERE. Do you load with Alliant 2400? I’d love to hear your experiences, please leave a comment!


7 thoughts on “Alliant 2400: Versatile Magnum Pistol Powder”

  1. I agree completely with your write up on 2400’s versatility. Between it and Unique, you can load the 44 from a 38 Special power load, up to a full power magnum. 2400 is also a main powder for cast boolit rifle shooters. 16.0 grains of it in any cartridge from the 7.62×39 size, to 30/06 makes an accurate, efficient loading. Love your articles and videos, please keep them comin’! -Dave

  2. Gavin,
    I had great success with Aliant 2400 in my 45-70 loads for my Thompson Contender shooting Speer 400 grain soft points. While living in Alaska, I was blessed with taking a trophy moose and a caribou. Our family of five ate moose three to four meals a week for thirteen months and still gave away meat when we had to transfer to Virginia. The case capacity required a filler over the powder charge. I used cotton balls, each cut into four pieces, fluffed up then stuffed carefully over the powder before seating and crimping the bullet. I can’t remember the charge weight but think it is still marked on the old Hornady metric scale I was using. The 2400 was the most accurate of the powders I had tested. Was able to put three shots in a nickle at fifty yards from a bench and pistol rest. I made sure the load was kept modest according to data for trap door rifles.

  3. Would have to give the nod to 2400 as the best all around magnum pistol powder. I use it in .357 and .45 Colt, as well as .30 Carbine with cast bullets. IMR4227 is another good powder as well. The use of standard pistol primers as well as the ability to use reduced loads gives them an advantage over W296/H110 in my book.

  4. Have you done any cast testing with the 500. 2400 and Win296 are the powders I starting with. Big fan of 2400. Just started casting last year. the 500 molds are MP 502-400 “John Ross” and the 502-383.

  5. I use 2400 for cast loads in Milserp rifles it works great. 17.5 grains works great in my8mm Yugo Mauser.

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