Speed and Precision: Wilson Case Trimmer Power Adapter

What’s better than slow precision? Wait for it…….. Fast precision! And that’s what the Wilson Trimmer Power Adapter gives you. You start with the Wilson Stainless Trimmer, which gives you the highest level of precision for case trimming, and then “turbo charge” it with a power screwdriver. If you are unfamiliar with the Wilson Stainless Trimmer, you can catch up by reading my unboxing/overview/setup article, and the start-to-finish precision 6.5 Creedmoor loading article both of which were published recently here on Ultimate Reloader.

Now, let’s talk speedy precision!

*Note: you should add a drop of oil into the hole on the case trimmer body periodically when using this power adapter to prevent seizing.

What’s in the box

Well, it’s not really a box, it’s really more of a “tube”, and there’s only one part in it- (#1 below) the actual power adapter shown here:

Shown above we have:

  1. Wilson trimmer power adapter (sold separately)
  2. Wilson trimmer hand crank (comes pre-installed on trimmer)
  3. Cutter head and locknut (comes pre-installed on trimmer)

It’s nice to have the option to run either the hand crank (what if your cordless screwdriver is dead???) or the power adapter (my preference).


As shown in the video, it takes less than a minute to swap out the factory crank handle for the power trimmer adapter and vice-versa:

  1. Withdraw the trimmer head and crank handle from the trimmer
  2. Crack the nut with a 5/8″ wrench
  3. Unscrew the cutter head from the crank handle
  4. Screw the power adapter onto the cutter head
  5. Tighten the locknut
  6. Re-install cutter head assembly (with power adapter) in trimmer

…and then you need to adjust trim length. After that, you are “off and running”.

That’s it! I’m sold. Now I have no excuse- I need to clean some brass so that I can do an extended precision trimming session!

Do you use the Wilson Trimmer power adapter? Please share your feedback!

Buy these products at Midsouth Shooters Supply:

And here are the L.E. Wilson product pages:


One thought on “Speed and Precision: Wilson Case Trimmer Power Adapter”

  1. I really enjoy your videos! Your 6.5 PRC build videos have been great!
    I may have missed it in one of your early videos, but where did you find your bench top with the clamp down insert rails ? Thx!

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