SHOT Show 2018: A Brief Recap

Let’s just say this: The SHOT Show is absolute insanity. Last year (2017) saw 65,000 attendees, and the 2018 SHOT Show was most likely close to this number. I heard from someone that if you walked all of the aisles and saw all of the booths, you’d walk a total of about 6 miles! It was fun, it was crazy, but it was REALLY productive! Here’s a brief recap video where I walk through my experiences at the 2018 SHOT Show:

There was a lot that I saw and experienced that I didn’t include in this write-up- I literally didn’t have time to take enough pictures- too much to do in two days. Next year I’ll plan to be at SHOT the entire week!

I can’t wait to bring stories to Ultimate Reloader highlighting products and technology I saw at the 2018 SHOT Show! My big question to you all- from what I talked about in the video: what are you most interested in? I would love to know- please leave a comment!


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