Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% off Press Lights at KMS Squared

If you’ve been waiting to add a light kit to your press, now is the time! For the entire month of September 2017, you can save 10% off press lighting kits from KMS Squared! These kits install in minutes, and you’ll likely say “how did I reload in the dark for so long” after you start using these lights. Here’s a quick video showing the installation of a KMS Squared light kit on a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive press:

Here’s the coupon code:

Here’s how you can take advantage of the deal:

  1. Go to one the KMS Squared lighting kits product page
  2. Click on “Buy Now” under one of the press kits, this will bring up the Amazon product page
  3. Add one or more KMS products to your cart
  4. Click “Check Out”
  5. Apply the promo code URSEPT10 to your order
  6. Finish checking out

Voila! You just saved 10% on your order. Hope this was helpful! Let there be light…


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% off Press Lights at KMS Squared”

  1. Gavin, I got the UFO press kit and I like it. Installation was a snap and the little caple clamps really stayed attached to the press. The connectors also fit into the light kits from Inline Fabrication, so if you wanted to add Dan’s dome light kit, there is no modifying anything to make it work. It really sheds some light on your typical Hornady press.

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