TriggrCon 2017: Freedom Munitions and X-Treme Bullets

Have you ever discovered a company in your “backyard” that you had no idea was so close? At TriggrCon 2017 I met Jansen Jones from Freedom Munitions, and learned that they were in driving distance from where I am located in Washington. Not only that, but Jansen told me all about HMT (Howell Munitions & Technology) which is the parent company for Freedom Munitions. Turns out HMT offers products in multiple categories including Ammo Load Worldwide (commercial reloading equipment), Freedom Munitions, and X-Treme Bullets.

Stay tuned, because I’ll be publishing more stories related to Freedom Munitions (HUSH and Big Grains) and will try and track down some X-Treme bullets as well!

For more information about these products, check out these links:

Freedom Munitions

HUSH Ammunition

Big Grains Ammunition

X-Treme Bullets

I think today may be a 500 S&W Magnum day- I’m off to do some shooting with some Big Grains ammo!


One thought on “TriggrCon 2017: Freedom Munitions and X-Treme Bullets”

  1. I use Xtreme bullets in all my pistols, .38,9mm and .45. Work great for a training round and target practice!

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