TriggrCon 2017: KRISS Vector and Defiance DMK-22

Like something out of a dream- that’s the best way I can explain the Industry Range Day at TriggrCon 2017. Sensory overload, too much to see and experience (for one day), and fun on another scale. One such highlight during the event was visiting the KRISS booth. There I saw something I’d only seen online: the KRISS Vector. I saw people shooting the Vector full-auto, and thought: I’ve got to try that! The fun didn’t end there… Here’s an interview I did with Mike Hou from KRISS the next day:

KRISS Vector

I’ve seen a lot of unique rifle platforms, but the KRISS Vector has to be one of the most unique! This rifle is a super-compact platform that is designed around a recoil reducing design called “Super V”. This recoil management system uses a delayed blow-back design which helps reduce both felt recoil *and* muzzle climb. A pretty interesting approach to rifle systems!

In addition to the “Super V” system, there are several other interesting features including:

  • Caliber interchangeability
  • Compatibility with Glock pistol magazines
  • Ambidextrous operation (except bolt release catch, charging handle, and magazine release)

There are two primary variants for the Vector- the SBR, and the Carbine. Between them, I counted a total of 37 SKUs on the KRISS website. That’s a lot of options! I would definitely love to shoot the Vector a *lot* more (there’s a lot of chamberings- I’d love to try 357 SIG).

Defiance DMK22

The DMK22 series rifles from Defiance add another compelling choice to the list if you are considering an AR-15 style rifle chambered in .22LR. I was able to shoot the DMK22 at the TriggrCon Industry Range Day, and it was a lot of fun!

This rifle has some compelling features including:

  • AR-15 platform interoperability including trigger packs and charging handles
  • Ruger 10/22 barrel interoperability
  • Last round lock back on bolt

These rifles have some nice furniture, and are built to high quality standards. Lots of fun for not a lot of money!

I’ll definitely look forward to my next encounter with these rifles: hopefully that won’t be too long from now!



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