Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% Off Forster Accessories at Inline Fabrication

If precision loading is your thing, you absolutely need to check out the FORSTER Co-Ax single-stage reloading press. I recently got this press setup, and have been using it for all kinds of things- I really like the amazing mechanical advantage (leverage) built into this press, and the quick-switch die arrangement is awesome. Check it out here:

As you saw in the video, I’m using an Inline Fabrication UltraMount- and it’s awesome. It would be very difficult to get along in the reloading lab/studio without the quick switch capabilities of this mount. For a limited time, you can save 10% off on Forster Co-Ax gear at Inline Fabrication!

There’s just two things you need to do to get this deal:

  1. Go to the Forster Co-Ax section at Inline Fabrication and shop
  2. Enter the coupon code ULTIMATECOAX at checkout

That’s it! Happy shopping!


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