Ultimate Reloader Deal: 20% Off 45 Long Colt Brass at Capital Cartridge

Why are some types of handgun brass so hard to find? If you’re talking about revolver brass, it’s because it’s easy to collect and take home. Some revolver brass is more rare than others, further complicating your endeavor to find it at the range for pick-up. 45 Long Colt is a great example: I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever found a piece of 45LC brass at the range, I’m not sure I have!

Fortunately Capital Cartridge has a plentiful supply of 45 Long Colt once-fired brass you can buy at a substantial savings compared to buying new brass or factory ammunition to reload. And for a limited time, you can save an additional 20% with this Ultimate Reloader Deal through Capital Cartridge:

That’s right, just shop for 45 Long Colt brass at Capital Cartridge, and enter the promo code longcolt20%, and you can get some big savings! Might be time to load up some ammunition for that Colt Single Action Army revolver…

Happy shooting, and happy reloading!

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