Overview: Precision Prep Tool and Accessories From Little Crow Gunworks

In my last post, I featured the Little Crow Gunworks “World’s Finest Trimmer”. Well, I’ve done a lot of trimming, so now it’s time to finish the brass prep on all of that brass! This time, I thought I would feature some thing just a little different: a hand brass prep tool that is unique, the “Precision Prep Tool” from Little Crow Gunworks. Check it out:

I’ll admit, I didn’t know how this tool worked until I tried it out, and it’s pretty amazing how something so simple can make such a big impact on a chore like brass prep. Here’s an overview of the equipment and parts shown in the video:

Here we see, from left moving clockwise:

  1. The Precision Prep Tool
  2. Hex Adapter for case prep tools
  3. Deburring/Chamfering tools for the Precision Prep Tool

As shown in the video, I used the Hex Adapter with the primer pocket reamer mounted to my Dewalt drill driver. This is a GREAT setup, and it makes fast work of military crimp removal!

So, for this military .308 mega-brass-prep session, the process I’m using is as follows:

  1. Trim with the WFT (World’s Finest Trimmer).
  2. Ream primer pocket with primer pocket reamer, hex adapter, drill.
  3. Chamfer inside and outside of case mouths with Precision Prep Tool.

I’ve tried a lot of brass prep tools, and this is one smooth setup. I think the Precision Prep Tool is a good option for case prep chores, especially if you want to trim on the go, or sitting in your recliner watching TV. And for such a simple tool, the Hex Adapter is super-useful!

Anyone else out there try the Precision Prep Tool or Hex Adapter? Please leave a comment summarizing your experiences!


One thought on “Overview: Precision Prep Tool and Accessories From Little Crow Gunworks”

  1. Gavin,
    Aloha from Hawaii. LCG case prep tool looks really cool. However I still like my Lee Quick Trim Deluxe tool. I clean primer pocket with either RCBS or Lee primer pocket tools chucked in a cordless drill. Agree 100% with you that twist motion cleaning will get old quick. Like your helpful information.



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