Overview: iGaging OriginCal 0-6″ Absolute Origin Digital Calipers

To be honest, I didn’t spend much time “shopping” for the digital calipers I’ll talk about in this post. This last November, my father-in-law was asking for my “Christmas list”, and I thought to myself: “how about a set of digital calipers?”. I spent all of 5 minutes perusing Amazon glancing at products and reviews, and saw how popular the iGaging products were. In a hurry, I sent my father in law a link to the iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6″ Digital Electronic Caliper on Amazon, and didn’t think about this product again until Christmas. When I opened the calipers and turned them on I was surprised to see them read 0.0000″ when I closed the jaws. WOW! I then read the instruction sheet and learned about the absolute origin feature- very cool. At that moment I thought: “I need to do a blog post on these”.

Here’s the product details:

  • Unlimited measuring speed
  • Resolution: 0.0005″/0.01mm
  • Accuracy: 0.001″/0.02mm
  • Range: 6″/150mm
  • IP54 splash water and dust resistant
  • Measuring speed: Unlimited
  • Protection rating: IP54 (Humidity and dust resistance )
  • Battery: 1x 3V CR2032 Battery (spare included) life:2 years under normal operation
  • Hardened Stainless steel, lapped finished
  • Operating environment:temperature 0°c+40°c; relative humidity: 80%
  • Battery life:more than 2 years under normal operation
  • SPC Output with USB connection available (search amazon for: B00INL0BA2)
  • Meets DIN Standard 862; ISO 9001 certified manufacturing
  • 2 Year warranty

Overall, I’m very impressed with these calipers in short time I’ve used them. It will be interesting to see how long the battery lasts compared to the 2-year usage estimate the instruction sheet lists. Here’s a couple pictures of taking a headspace reading for shoulder bump on .308 Winchester cartridges:

With the Hornady Headspace Gauge zeroed on the first piece of brass, it’s then just a few seconds worth of measuring to determine the relative shoulder bump for the second piece of brass:

There we go! -0.001″ difference between the two pieces of brass. That’s pretty consistent.

So far I’m liking the iGaging calipers- the fit and finish is great, and I will certainly keep you all posted with how these calipers hold up over the years. There’s one thing for sure: you can’t get too many sets of digital calipers! One in the kitchen, one in the truck, four at the reloading bench, two by the lathe, and a couple at the milling machine- something like that! Anyone else here using iGaging OriginCal products? Please leave a comment sharing your experiences!


2 thoughts on “Overview: iGaging OriginCal 0-6″ Absolute Origin Digital Calipers”

  1. These are without a doubt the best calipers I’ve ever owned and they aren’t that much more expensive than the usual brands. If you want precision in your sizing die setup, combine them with the Hornady Headspace Comparator and you’ll be spot on.
    Gavin, thanks for great, easy to understand product videos.

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