Two Ultimate Reloader Deals from Capital Cartridge

Hello everyone, please join me in welcoming the newest partner to Ultimate Reloader: Capital Cartridge!

From the Capital Cartridge page here on Ultimate Reloader:

Capital Cartridge has been supplying once-fired brass shell casings for commercial and recreational reloading since 2012. Capital Cartridge uses proprietary systems to efficiently process and accurately sort hundreds of thousands of pounds every month. Capital’s mission is to provide the best quality, fully segregated brass to meet any customer’s demand. Capital sorts through approximately 200,000 LBS of brass every month, and are capable of filling orders ranging from 25 casings of specialty calibers to full truckloads of brass for commercial ammunition re-manufacturing. They take pride in the ability to meet all of their customer’s needs.

I’m thinking about ordering a couple truckloads of brass for my next bulk reloading session :).

To celebrate this new partnership, I have a couple deals from Capital!

10% off first order

With this coupon, you can save 10% off your entire first order! This is an ongoing promotion with Ultimate Reloader, and doesn’t have an end date.

10% off 10mm calibers

For the next month, you can save 10% off all 10mm brass calibers at Capital Cartridge! (great if you’re an existing customer and can’t take advantage of the 1st time order deal).

Look for more Capital Cartridge deals in 2017, and some related stories coming up. Thanks everyone for being a part of the Ultimate Reloader community, and please check out Capital Cartridge if you need previously fired brass for your reloading projects.


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