Inline Fabrication Micro Ultramount: assembly and bench mounting

You can’t build a good house without a solid foundation. Likewise, any seasoned reloader knows how important a solid mounting arrangement is for their reloading presses. In the last year I’ve started using the Inline Fabrication Ultramount system, and recently decided to use this system across the board for pretty much all of my reloading presses and bench-mounted equipment. Given the fact that I own most of the popular reloading presses in production today, this is a big undertaking. Fortunately, it’s really easy to mount your press with the Inline Fabrication Ultramount quick change system- once the mount is in place, it’s simply a matter of bolting a plate to your press! In this article, I’ll cover everything from assembling a 4″ Micro Ultramount, to bolting on the quick change press plate, to some special integration I engineered for the Ultimate Reloader bench system. Don’t be surprised to see a kit from me this year so that you can easily build out your own system like this! (please leave a comment if you are interested).

Here’s where things started: Everything unpacked, sorted into groups, and tools ready to go. You can see here a completed “standard Ultramount” with quick change system (back, with LEE Classic Turret), and the RCBS Pro Chucker 7 in the foreground (right-hand side) which shows my “legacy” Ultimate Reloader wood sub-plate bench mount.

And here’s the groups of kit I showed in the video:

In this picture we see:

  1. The Inline Fabrication 4″ Micro Ultramount with Quick Change.
  2. The Inline Fabrication RCBS Pro Chucker quick change  top plate (#63) – see the entire list HERE.
  3. Custom Ultimate Reloader bench system hold-down clamps  for Inline Fabrication Ultramount. (first prototype).

When putting together this Micro Ultramount, I was reminded how “top shelf” Inline Fabrication products are- from the engineering (everything lines up), to the construction, the finish (mega powdercoat), even the packing is over-the-top-quality. I really appreciate the attention to detail- any of you that have Inline Fabrication gear know what I’m talking about.

I had high hopes for this setup when I was prototyping my hold-down clamping system. Could this adaptation of the Ultimate Reloader Bench System yield the best possible reloading and gunsmithing workstation? The answer is yes- now I can move mounting systems around on the bench, use the Inline Fabrication Quick Change system to adapt each work area between presses and tools (such as a vice), and store my presses on the wall via Inline Fabrication mounting racks. More on that in the short future!

This new system will accelerate my storytelling here on Ultimate Reloader, and I have some big surprises coming soon. I’ve been heads-down working on a new facility and resources related to this bench system, and I can’t wait to share these new developments with you all! More on that soon.

Do you use Inline Fabrication products? Please share your experiences by leaving a comment!



24 thoughts on “Inline Fabrication Micro Ultramount: assembly and bench mounting”

  1. Excellent! I have been reloading for twenty-five years, and it is fun but there is always some new to learn about reloading. I don’t know if I would want a bench like yours, but being able to move the reloading presses around would be great. How I would just need to find a place to keep them. That is the problem of not a lot of room; I have mounted now four presses, two Dillon presses, one Hornady press and a Lees Precision Turret Press (new).

  2. I am planning on building a new work bench this summer. I would get a set of your clamps if you made them, I am planning on putting in a rail system likes yours.

  3. Yeppers! I have the quick change mount / plate for my Pro Chucker 5 and Lee Challenger. It is very sturdy and convenient and a great space-saver.

  4. Yes I like the Custom Ultimate Reloader bench system hold-down clamps for Inline Fabrication Ultramount. Also I would like to know more about the T-rail and the wood bench top like how thick and what type of wood.

  5. Great article and vid as always. Which height ultra mount do you prefer and why? I have built an Ultimate Reloader bench with t-track rails after seeing your. Super flexible!

    The new hold-down clamps are fantastic. Paired with the Ultramount there is not a set up you could not do and change it out FAST.

    I am interested in the hold-downs or any kit you decide to offer.

  6. I’ve looked at your descriptions before and thought I would like to use the same system. Like Rob above though, I can’t find the rails. Not even their web site shows the rails their equipment works with.

  7. I’ve got a lot of inline fabrication stuff in my reloading room. Love it. Also interested in what you’re doing here!

      1. Any update I may have missed on the clamp system I may have missed ? I want one . Probably more than one set.

  8. Great set up! I’ve been looking to do the same/similar set up and finally just about to that point with my new bench…Any update on when you will have the hold down clamp kit ready for sale? I’d be interested in a couple of sets if they’re ready (or will be soon)… Also, in looking at your photos it looks like you countersunk the rear T track rail into the bench (I’m assuming with a router which is what I’m planning to do as well) but mounted the front rail on the top of the bench? Is there a reason for this? And what T-track system did you go with? I’ve heard of people having issues with the T-track bending or separating from the bench under the force of the press so I’m looking for as heavy duty of a system as possible.

  9. Gavin, I’m REALLY interested in the clamps also (or at least the dimensions)…just putting the “final” touches on my new work bench, picked up an Inline Fab mount for my Hornady LNL have my T-track installed. Getting close to reloading back up and running

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