Black Friday: Enter To Win Hornady Gear at Midsouth Shooters Supply

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for shoppers: Black Friday. Shooters and reloaders will find all sorts of great deals this week, and one of the great places to shop this Black Friday is Midsouth Shooters Supply! They are running some great deals on shooting/reloading supplies and gear, and are also giving away Hornady Lock-N-Load reloading presses! (Lock-N-Load Iron, Lock-N-Load AP, and Lock-N-Load classic).

You can enter to win these awesome prizes Here at Midsouth Shooters Supply. The formula is pretty simple, you can get “points” in multiple ways which increases your odds of winning!

Here’s a snapshot of my first in-progress entry list:


I’m sure you could use an extra reloading press, so I would encourage you to participate in this promotion! Good luck!


One thought on “Black Friday: Enter To Win Hornady Gear at Midsouth Shooters Supply”

  1. I remember using an old Lee “BlackSmith” reloading set for my 9mm S&W #59 sitting at the kitchen table of our small appartment while stationed in Augsburg, Germany in 1977. After a couple of primers got excited about being seated with this methood, I raided the funds for an RCBS single stage press and a set of “regular” dies. I’m still reloading, and my collection has grown considerably, but I’m hoping for a Black Friday or Santa special to obtain a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP. This is something I have wanted since they first came to market. My notion is that I want an ammo reloader from someone that actually makes ammo and I think Hornady makes the best ammo on the market.

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