MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph: From Unboxing to Shooting Rifle and Pistol

If you want to build a precision rifle, you need precision tools. In the same way, if you want to load and shoot precision ammunition,  you need the tools that will produce *and* validate the precision of your loads. A good chronograph is one of those tools! In this post I’m going to introduce you to the MagnetoSpeed V3 chonograph, the high-end electromagnetic chronograph which fills out the top slot in MagnetoSpeed’s equipment portfolio.

Magnetospeed chronographs are different than conventional light-and-shadow chronographs because the sensor “senses” the bullet flying close to the bayonet blade, and can determine that bullet’s velocity from the corresponding sensor data. That’s pretty insane if you think about it! There are a couple key advantages with this technology: first, you can shoot with it in any lighting condition, and second you can move and shoot when using this system.

Here’s a quick look at what’s in the box:


And here’s the breakdown of what comes with the MagnetoSpeed V3:

  1. V3 Bayonet sensor
  2. Display and control unit
  3. Bayonet spacers (plastic and rubber)
  4. Cords and mounting hardware (left), suppressor heat shield (right)
  5. Alignment rod (square cross-section)
  6. Rail adapter (sold separately)

And of course you get the hard case pictured above as well which I like because this chronograph will be thrown in with the rest of my gear in the back of the truck, and I know I don’t have to worry about my chonograph getting crushed! Having used the Magnetospeed Sporter (see my previous post here) moving up to the MagnetoSpeed V3 has felt very natural. I appreciate the additional controls that are included with the V3 (three buttons compared to one on the Sporter) and the additional data and screen detail that’s also present on the control/display unit. Finally, the detachable cord that links the bayonet sensor to the control/display unit is awesome, and I could envision using an even longer cord for certain situations.

It was the 6.5 Guys that turned me on to the MagnetoSpeed chronographs (Ed- time to upgrade to the V3!) and I’m glad they did because I’m going to use these two chronographs A LOT. Please make sure you’re subscribed, because I’ll be following-up with a lot of follow-up posts and videos including advanced V3 features (data logging, mobile phone link) and corresponding field stories!

Do you use a MagnetoSpeed chronograph? I’d love to hear how you are liking it and what you’re using it for! I also dare anyone out there to match my Glock 20 Load performance (5 10mm shots with SD of 7.x ft/s)!


6 thoughts on “MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph: From Unboxing to Shooting Rifle and Pistol”

  1. I’ve had the V3 for a couple of months now. It’s an amazing tool for the reloader. I’m glad you decided to do a review of it. It’s a very useful tool. I have the XFR adapter and App as well… Meh..

  2. Do you have an explanation of how you use the data given by a chronograph? You state it is an essential tool. How does one use it besides knowing the velocity?

    1. Good question Irv- a chronograph will enable you to:
      – Evaluate the precision of your loads (what is your extreme spread and standard deviation – telling you how much velocity varies)
      – Dial in “dope” for shooting long range (using average velocity for your gun *and* the ammo you’re shooting)
      – Tell you when you’ve matched factory loads or published load data

  3. Had to return mine.

    I bought the V3 with the pictanny rail adapter. I wanted to use it on my full size sig handguns that have rails. Unfortunately the rail on the gun was 1/4″ too low, and thus the distance between the V3 and the bottom of the barrel was too great to get an accurate reading even at full sensitivity. I called Magnetospeed tech support, and they said, 1/8″ to 1/4″. They didn’t have anything for me to try so i ahd to return it. I had done a lot of research on this, and no one mentioned how critical spacing was. I assumed I would, at worst, need to boost the sensitivity. Someone should release a guide for pistol users, demonstrating the critical spacing needed. Magnetospeed has spacers, but I need the reverse — negative spacers. I hope they come out with a new version in the future that allows for more space between the rail and the barrel.

  4. I have been using the Sportsman model for several months now and really like the unit, as a whole.
    Do like the features of the better model, with somewhat easier too read and work the readout features and with a adapter, as my shooting buddy has, you can print/save the information to your smart phone.
    May see about updating the control panel on my sportsman, if possible, but in the meantime it serves my purpose of mainly wanting to read the fps and average of my shots.

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