Overview: Inline Fabrication UltraMount

One of the most important aspects of setting up your reloading press is to ensure you have a SOLID press mounting configuration. There can be NO weak link. The bench must be solid, the mount must be solid, and the press must solidly bolt down to the mount. You can’t afford to have any flex anywhere.

Dan Clausen has created a press mount that’s about as solid as you can get: it’s called the Inline Fabrication UltraMount, and is available from Dan’s company: Inline Fabrication.

If you’ve been following the Ruger Precision Rifle and Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron series, you’ve already seen the UltraMount in action here on Ultimate Reloader. Here’s a quick video that gives an overview of the UltraMount:

With the Inline Fabrication UltraMount, you’ll get everything you need to mount your press including the mount parts and all hardware needed including the bolts/nuts/washers needed to mount the press to the UltraMount.

The UltraMount comes in many shapes and sizes, and is available for many different presses, including:

  • Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, Lock-N-Load Iron, 366 Shotshell Press
  • RCBS Pro 2000, Pro Chucker 5/7
  • Redding T-7
  • Lee Loadmaster, Lee Cast Iron Turret
  • Dillon Square Deal B, RL550B, XL-650, Super 1050
  • [many others]

Dan also sells quite a few different press accessories including roller handles, bin brackets, and more. You can find these press accessories at http://inlinefabrication.com/. I’ll be showing more cool stuff from Inline Fabrication here shortly, so stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Overview: Inline Fabrication UltraMount”

  1. I have one of Dan’s ultramounts installed and I can say that is one heavy duty item everyone needs for their press. It is rock solid and is put together really well. Get one, or two, depending on how many presses you have.

  2. Have used the Inline Fabrication mount for almost a year with my Lee Single stage press. I can honestly say that it is one of the best investments a reloader can make in his setup. I reload 100 or so pistol rounds every week and the “UltraMount” makes it a pleasure. An added benefit of the mount is that II can see the press and check my work, without the back ache of bending over.

  3. I recently purchased one of the quickchange mounting systems for my Hornady Lock and Load AP and my Dillon 550b press. The system is well constructed and a must have in my opinion.

  4. Im several of your videos you show a front mounted bracket for the Hornady press That holds a plastic bin. Where can I purchase that bracket? Thanks, Bill

      1. No, it’s a red small bracket that mounts to the front of a Hornady single stage press and holds one bin on the front of the press as seen on the Ultimate Reloader. One other question…where do I find an R22-O Ring that is shown on the David Sparks/Lee bullet feeder. Thanks, Bill

  5. What is the rail system you have on your bench? You mentioned something in this video about the Ultimate Reloader mount and pointed toward the rails. My Dillon is directly mounted to my bench and is super solid but the bench is getting a bit Swiss cheesed with hole layouts for my two other presses and powder measure.

    1. I would like to know more about the rail system in use too. Please let us know where to buy or how to build it!

  6. I too am very interested in the rail system that you have on your bench. Is it a “T-Lock” system? Would be handy to have a system to temporarily secure various tools (such as a case trimmer, light-duty vise, etc) to your bench.

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