Video: Custom Bullet Feed Setup: Reloading 40 S&W on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP

I enjoy the process of designing and building things, and I guess the “inventor” in me can’t help but want to create new products. It’s always a pleasure to see what other people come up with, and to help them market and sell their inventions (Example: Doug Williams’ 38/357 quick switch kit). Recently, one of my readers named David Sparks sent me some information related to his invention, called the “Bully Adapter“. This device is pretty straightforward- it adapts the Lee Multi-Tube feeder kit for the Lee Bullet Feeder to work with the Hornady Pistol Bullet Feed dies. This kit is similar to the Hornady Bullet Feed Tube kits, but offers 4 tubes that can be loaded in place and rotated into position as bullet tubes are emptied.

Bully Adapter Installed on Hornady Lock-N-Load AP
Bully Adapter Installed on Hornady Lock-N-Load AP

The “Bully Adapter” kit is comprised of an adapter body, and a small bullet sleeve. In the following picture, you can see the entire assembly ready to put together (shown in the video below):

Bully Adapter Components with Hornady Bullet Feed Die and Lee Multi-Tube Adapter
Bully Adapter Components with Hornady Bullet Feed Die and Lee Multi-Tube Adapter

The entire setup shown above consists of:

  • Bully Adapter Body
  • Small bullet sleeve
  • Hornady Pistol Bullet Feed Die (40/10mm shown)
  • Lee multi-tube feeder body
  • Lee multi-tube feeder tubes (comes with both large and small, large shown)
  • Lee multi-tube bullet drop funnels (large and small)
  • Hornady die lockring allen key (used for Bully Adapter body set screws)
  • R-22 O-Ring (my addition to the Lee multi-tube feeder kit)

And here’s what the assembly looks like assembled:

Bully Adapter Body - Very Nicely Machined
Bully Adapter Body – Very Nicely Machined

In the following video you can see the same setup I showed in the last post, but this time with the Bully Adapter setup installed. I found that this setup will hold about 100 40cal 200 grain XTP bullets, so you can load primers *and* bullets at the same time- that makes this setup much more practical in use.

Here’s a video I put together showing how to put the components together, install the die on the press, and load in full progressive mode with the Bully Adapter.

If you want to know more about the Bully Adapter, check out David’s website: (I just checked, and the price looks quite reasonable!)


4 thoughts on “Video: Custom Bullet Feed Setup: Reloading 40 S&W on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP”

  1. Gavin
    I have just purchased a Honardy LOL Ammo Plant and I pissed that you cant use the Bullet feeder to load rifle bullets. I guess they (Hornady) expect everyone that purchases there Plant purchased it to load pistol cartridges. There is a lot of people that don’t have a Handgun and would like to load 22-250 or .223 rifle cartridges with this system.As it sits it is useless to me until I purchase another Bullet feeder for $600.00 Cdn. to load for my Varmint Rifle.

  2. Hey Gavin,
    Thanks for the review. I got the Bully and .40 Hornady feed die for my Load Master last week and it works great at station 4 (thus using a RCBS TaperCrimp/Seater at station 5). I also just ordered the RSBS feed die tube kit to see if I can get that to work with the Bully, so I can save 3″ on the setup’s height (and reviews seem to favor the RCBS feed die). Will check back to let you know if it works.

    1. The RCBS die does work if you cut-off a 3″ piece of its tubing, and then insert that before adding the Bully. BUT, the RCBS collet is plastic and broke when a tube of bullets dropped in. So you have to raise up a case to catch the bullet stack, so to say. Also on my setup I am using 21″ long tubes instead of the 15″ stock ones.

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