RCBS introduces Summit single stage press – now this is different!

Single stage presses are all pretty much the same, right? There are some exceptions like the Forster Co-Ax press, but for the most part these presses have the same basic design. RCBS has recently introduced a new take on the single-stage reloading press: The Summit.

RCBS Summit

You can see in this picture how the base of the press bolts down to your bench and the die mount actually moves up and down instead of an under-bench ram moving up and down. There are a couple benefits that I can see here:

  1. You don’t need clearance under your bench
  2. The case stays stationary which makes bullets and cases less likely to tip

Here’s some information from RCBS:

Part No. Description
9290 Summit Single Stage Reloading Press
9291 Short Handle – Summit Reloading Press

Features & Benefits

  • Bench-top operation
  • Ambidextrous handle operation with compound leverage
  • Massive 2-inch diameter ram
  • Full frontal access
  • Accepts bushings for 1-inch die bodies
  • Press adapter bushing
  • Zerk fitting for lubrication
  • Spent primer catcher
  • 4.50-inch operating window for convenient access

I’m curious about this press. Anyone else have experience with it? Please leave a comment! More information is available from RCBS HERE.


18 thoughts on “RCBS introduces Summit single stage press – now this is different!”

  1. Gavin,
    We’ve had a Summit for a couple weeks and even mounted one on a trailer hitch for use at the range. So far, we are very impressed with the unit: It’s easy to use, has a small footprint, and the spent primer capture system is fool-proof. Most importantly, the Summit loads very straight ammo. Here’s a video showing the Summit in use: http://youtu.be/2i9phIfc0SE

  2. Wow, that looks interesting. Looks like it is set up for ltuation, which is different. I have awaysu thought actuation with ith my right and moving the componenets around with my left has helped with left hand co-ordination (being right handed)

    1. Please disregard my phone’s stupid autocorrect. I meant to say it looks like it is set up fort left handed actuation, which is different.

  3. I have some CCI small pistol magnum primers can I use them in reloading 9mm luger?
    If I can do I have to change the amount of powder I would use, and what would be the changes.

  4. There’s nothing new under the sun. This is just a re-hash of some presses made years ago. With that said, it looks like a nice piece of equipment and I wish RCBS luck with it.

  5. The only advantage I can see is the added clearance underneath. You can’t prime with it and it has the same mass as the RockChucker. I use an RC II for my rifle reloading and have no problem achieving .002″ TIR. It seems like a solution to a non-existent problem IMO.

    For the MSRP of $270, I would much prefer to spend the money on a Redding T7.

  6. Have been using my summit press for 3 weeks now. Recently installed Hornady LNL conversion kit works like a charm……..

  7. As it is said….if you want it…it’s your money. If the setup you choose makes the ammo you desire….then go for it.

    I recently had a Lee Classic Cast single stage press shipped in. For $94.00 + shipping….plus a few other small items were shipped as well but I’ll put the lion’s share of shipping on the press….$110.00. That is half the price of the RCBS Summit. The Lee Classic Cast is…shall I say…BEEFY!

    I dunno guys. I’m kind of with BrianH on this….though I’m a Lee Precision guy (And the Lee Classic Cast makes the total number of Lee presses I have at 6)….It’s nice to have a press that will not flex (Well not much flexing anyhow!)…..having the dies move down onto the case proves nothing. Things are still moving and tolerances can only be so tight. With the kind of accuracy I achive with my reloading setups….I would think that money can be spent elsewhere to allow more accurate shooting…like better optics and proper scope mounting which means precison mount/s and rings which = $$$$ and time bedding scope mount bases/lapping rings/better alignment bars/etc. which again = more $$$$ you’ve gotta spend. I look around at all of my reloading dies and presses/dies/powders/primers/bullets/molds/melting pots/almost a ton of lead and on and on plus all of the firearms and optics plus the precision tools relating to all of the above…..I’m having to build a shop (And I really am!) just to house of all these “Toys” which = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! God I’ve gotta stop!

    O.K…..I’m just rambling on here and it’s late…guess it’s bedtime.

    You’ve gotta have confidence in your reloads…if the RCBS Summit Press helps you reload better ammo…..hey….toys are toys and ultimately…we all like toys of this nature.

  8. I purchased the press and have had difficulty with alignmnet of the die holder / die with the shell. I’ve tried RCBS support both by web and telephone call. They were going to “check on it” and get back to me. Their promo video from the shot show with Ken makes reference to a proper adjustment. However, the instructions provide no indication of what and how to make those adjustments. RCBS support indicated they wondered if the lower casting was mis aligned. Not heard back from them.
    I have always liked RCBS equipment, but have found you need to be prepared to be on your own as their support is very inconsistent and at times un-reliable, as I have experienced again here.
    A fun looking toy, but not sure I have gotten value, especially as some dies do not align with cases. Instructions for adjustments, though promo video references, are non-existent. Support center hasn’t followed through as promised.

    1. Follow up – I was able to get a response from RCBS eventually and they agreed to replace the press. Took some doing to get a response from RCBS / ATK. I just received the new press and it works wonderfully! No more issues what so ever with alignment of die holder / die and shell holder / brass being reloaded. I appreciate the top of bench mounting. So far, much better. Still holding on to my reliable, vintage Pacific Power C.

  9. I’m really considering this as a first press. A friend of mine asked RCBS about whether it accepts the ram prime unit, since the base unit doesn’t have any special features for priming. They indicated yes. Has anyone tried this?

  10. I love mine more, the more I use it! I like the clearance on access and the two handles, one long and one short because resizing takes lots of torque while seating and primer ops require less. I’d like to see an improved method of handling primer refuse over having an itty bitty thimble-sized cup that forces me to get out a screwdriver remove and empty it. I never feel like I’m trying to rip the top off ov my bench while resizing. Good Job! RCBS!

    1. There is a learning curve with the co-ax. In Gavin’s single press shootout the co-ax bombed… when it should have been at the top of the heap and I think we need a rematch with an experienced co-ax reloader. Now with that said… it’s still very possible that the Summit can still take the top spot with the concentric measurement again as it did in the single press shootout.

      At the RCBS advanced class we discussed loosening the lock nut to give the rock chucker a free floating effect simular to the co-ax. The Summit has a simular effect as it has some floating play in the ram.

      Even with Lee dies I am able to make some impressive precision remington 223 60 grain Nosler and 73 and 80 grain Hornaday bullets set in Lapua cases powered by win and CCI primers using CFE 223 powder as the propellant.

      I use RCBS check weights and a Lee powder scale for rifle loads and For pistol amo I use the lee powder drop and Tite Group powder. Checking my loads with the Lee powder scale. I also use the Hornaday powder trickler which is great.

      The combination of the RCBS check weights, the Lee powder scale, the Hornaday powder trickler really dial in the loads. The co-ax puts the bullet in the center of the brass casing and this is shown by the concentricity measurments.

      I say we send an RCBS Summit press to the Marines at Quantico and see what they say about it. Let them have the last word in all of this.


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