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It’s an understatement to say that it’s “really hard” to find reloading components right now! It takes extra work, searching, and creativity to find acceptable components for the reloading that you want to perform (in many cases favorite primers and powders are just not available). This week I had an unfortunate occurrence, a pink slip in my hazmat order that said “these were out of stock [shotshell primers] – your credit card will be credited with the difference”. WHAT? The primers I’ve been waiting on for over a month to start my shotshell reloading video series- GONE! Back to the drawing board. Fortunate for me, some shotshell hulls I had as a part of an order with Ballistic Products were on back order. They had shotshell primers in stock, and I was able to update the order with in-stock hulls and was also able to add some shotshell primers to the order! Huge relief…

So I thought I would share with you all the fact that they have quite a few components in stock:

Primers In Stock:

  • Winchester 209 Shothsell Reloading Primers
  • RIO 209 Shothsell Reloading Primers
  • Cheddite 209 Shothsell Reloading Primers
  • Remington STS 209 Shothsell Reloading Primers

Powders in Stock:

  • Hodgdon Clays
  • Hodgdon International Clays
  • Hodgdon Triple Se7en
  • Hodgdon Pyrodex RS
  • Hogdgon LEVERevolution Rifle Powder
  • Hodgdon US 869 Rifle Powder
  • Alliant Steel
  • Alliant Blue Dot
  • Alliant Green Dot
  • Alliant 410
  • Alliant Clay Dot
  • Alliant 20/28
  • Alliant H2400
  • Alliant Herco
  • Alliant Red Dot
  • Alliant e3
  • Accurate Nitro-100
  • IMR Hi-Skor 700-X
  • IMR PB
  • Winchester AA Lite
  • Winchester SuperTarget
  • Winchester Super-Handicap

No, this doesn’t  help you with pistol primers or rifle primers, but hopefully those looking for Alliant 2400 or other components listed above will be helped out by this. I’ll keep posting when I find components in stock.

Do you know of online retailers with components that are in stock? Please post a comment!


19 thoughts on “Powder and Primers in Stock: Ballistic Products”

  1. Recobtarget.com has limited on and off availability for pistol & rifle primers. Check them periodically. They are limiting quantities to 1000 of each kind.

  2. Thanks Gavin. I’m pretty well stocked up but know an awful lot of folks who’ll appreciate this information.

    1. I need federal 215 large mag primers, To say that primers are limited is like saying that its cold in Alaska.
      I have all the other materials except for the primers . Ay one out their who can help money is not the option herei its the ability to build my ammo base.

  3. The hazmat fees makes it so expensive to order small orders of primers/powder. Guess for us little guys, we just have to bide our time.

  4. I have been only able to find shot-shell primers in stock at my normal stops, and some rifle but, not much of them.

  5. Gavin I’ve been using win 231 for 357 & win 760 for 270win & 30-06. How long are these powders good for they are tightly sealed & stored in a dry place & kept about 67 – 73 deg.

  6. Gavin,

    I have gathered you live in Washington and in the Seattle area. I have seen plenty of 209 primers at Cabelas in Lacey and Everett. Wholesale sports (at least locally in SW Washington where I am located) always seems to have 10-15 thousand 209 primers every time I stop in. Hope this helps and saves some hazmat shipping fees.


  7. Thanks Gavin,
    I don’t know if anyone is having a hard time finding bullets, ( both Lead and FMJ )
    but I did find a great source for them, the place is called Rim Rock Bullets. They have a wide variety of both and have everything in stock. I’ve been using they’re .45 ACP and even with shipping the price is pretty good, also they sell in lots of 500 & 1000! if you’re looking for bullets try Rim Rock bullets.com
    Thanks Again….JimC

  8. Personally I will NOT BUY from Ballistic Products as well as any company that tells you they wont ship to your state. Start to boycott these companies they anti-gun companies. I had correspondence with them showing its not illegal to ship powder to NJ and they could care less.

  9. Hi – I sure would like to order some of the powders shown as in-stock in the list above. But don’t see how to do that based on this website.

    Are they still available ?


  10. What is the best powder to use for reloading 20 gauge shells this is my first time doing it and I want to get the right stuff for it

  11. Given that the paragraph above is over 2 years old now, you might want to revise it. “So I thought I would share with you all the fact that they have quite a few components in stock” … well that might have been true in early 2013, but Ballistic Products does not have many of the pistol powders you list as “in stock”, nor have they for quite a while. Don’t get me wrong: I like that vendor and have used them myself for other shotgun reloading components. I just thought it’s a little misleading in today’s environment, so an update would be nice (or perhaps just say they have “a number of powders in stock”).

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