2013 New Products from Hornady

If you are a fan of Hornady products, you’ll want to check out the wave of new products that Hornady just announced this month…

There’s a lot of new ammunition and products in this release, and I thought I’d focus on the new reloading products that are a part of this announcement. Here’s a quick summary:

Lock-N-Load Light Strip

Do you some times feel “in the dark” when you’re trying to see the powder level in your cases while reloading? This light strip will help shed some light on the subject! This product actually works on most reloading presses, plugs into any 110V outlet, and is easy to install because of the adhesive backing.

Hornady Balance Beam Scale

If you prefer the old-school dead-reliable balance beam type of scale, Hornady now makes a product you’ll want to check out- the Hornady Balance Beam Scale. You don’t even need batteries to use this scale!

Hornady One-Shot Tumbling Media

Are you a fan of One-Shot products from Hornady? Well now you can use One-Shot to tumble clean cases! This tumbling media is corncob-based, and I find that this type of media is best for cleaning when you want a high luster, or to tumble off lube from cases that have just been sized. Available in a 76oz canister.

Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading – 9th Edition

It’s always best to use the latest data when you’re reloading. Hornady has just updated their reloading manual, and it’s got new data that is helpful for the die-hard reloader. Here’s some information from the product page on Hornady’s website:

Reloaders will find the 9th Edition Hornady® Handbook of Cartridge Reloading an invaluable resource for their bench. You’ll find over 900 pages representing data of all the newest Hornady® bullets like the NTX®, GMX® and FTX®, plus longtime favorites like the V-MAX™, SST®, InterBond®, InterLock®, A-MAX®, XTP® and more. Each cartridge features applicable Hornady® bullets along with velocity/powder charts for quick and easy reference.

Cartridge additions include the 17 Hornet, 327 Federal, 356 Winchester, 5.56 NATO, 416 Barrett and 505 Gibbs. There is also expanded data on over 20 favorites like the 223 Rem, 300 Whisper, 308 Win, 25-06 and many more. A variety of propellants such as Power Pro Varmint, AR-Comp, CFE-223, among others have been added to many popular cartridges.

Look for these products at your favorite retailer soon! Want to know more about any of these products? Want to share your experiences with these products? Please leave a comment!


6 thoughts on “2013 New Products from Hornady”

  1. These are new products for 2013. 😉 Probably a typo. They’re just pre-released in 2012. Personally, I load with nothing other than Hornady!

  2. You know, the books are great but you know, I just don’t buy them anymore. Most load data is now available on line, so once you have one book, you have the tech data like OA length and the like.

    Hornady is a great company and has great products and customer service. I highly recommend them.

  3. I hope Hornady continues the Get Loaded for 2013, I have “Mentored” 3 new reloaders in the last year and It is a great way to get the new guy into reloading and a quick way to gain a loyal customer like it has with me after a break in my reloading (Deployments to Afghanistan) I loved knowing that I was able to cross off bullets from my checklist. I like the product bonuses instead of the cash rebate others give because it lets you try something new (44 XTP’s for me) I just wish theyd add 6.5mm bullets and maybe a slightly heavier 38 caliber bullet for 357’s. Even a point promotion for bullet buyers would be helpful, come on guys, we bought the zombie stuff.

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