Coming in Northwest Gun Magazine #1 – Full Hornady Lock-N-Load AP review!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing a complete round of full reviews on all 4 5-station progressive reloading presses in the first four issues of Northwest Gun Magazine! To start I’ll be covering the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP. In this article you’ll see what’s in the box (included), get a lowdown on features, read about strengths/weaknesses, learn about die station setups, and much much more. What’s great is that you’ll be able to read it all in one place in one full-length article.

If you’re interested in a progressive reloading press (or already have one and like to read about them ) you’ll want to check out this series!

You can get ready for the first issue by downloading the free preview of the magazine (PDF), and you can also subscribe to NWGUN updates!

Thanks everyone!

One thought on “Coming in Northwest Gun Magazine #1 – Full Hornady Lock-N-Load AP review!”

  1. Problems with LNL primer seating:

    I have had my LNL for almost 2 years and have close to 10K round thru it. For the most part it has worked great. Recently I have been running into issues with primers not seating deeply enough in my 40SW pistol brass. I noticed a dimple has formed under the primer ram on the press frame.

    The dimple is preventing the primer ram from rising high enough to properly seat the primers. Has anyone run into a similar issue?

    There are a number of posts on the web on this issue. I grabbed the pic from a link on this topic, but wanted to know if this is a common issue.

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