Lock-N-Load AP Users: Powderfunnels.com Offers Universal Powder-Through Expander

Hornady PTX Expander (left) and Powderfunnels.com Expander (right) - Image Coypright 2012 Ultimate Reloader

If you are a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP owner, you’ll want to know about a product that’s compatible with the Hornady Lock-N-Load powder measure. This product is a universal powder-through expander that is offered for sale by PowderFunnels.com. This product allows you to use all of the normal features of Hornady’s Lock-N-Load powder measure, including the “Quick Change Powder Through Expander Linkage” which I recently blogged about. What this product does is to allow the reloader to have more control over how much bell is applied to the case mouth, and to have one powder through expander that can be used for a variety of case mouth diameters.

I’ve been testing this product with 44 Magnum (as pictured above, along side a 45 caliber Hornady PTX expander), and it has been working well. I have not yet tried using it with Hornady’s bullet feeder, but my friend Steve Herndon has tested this combo (Powderfunnels.com funnel with Hornady bullet feeder) and it has worked well for him.

So, if you’re interested in the universal nature of this product, or want the ability to fine tune the belling diameter when not using a dedicated expander die, you should check out this product!


16 thoughts on “Lock-N-Load AP Users: Powderfunnels.com Offers Universal Powder-Through Expander”

  1. I’ve used the Powderfunnels.com expander for a couple of years in my Hornady AP press and couldn’t be happier. I use it to load 9mm up to 44 mag.

  2. Are the Powder Funnels that much better? If you buy the bullet feeder die they come with the specific expanders for that caliber. Just wondering if it’s worth the extra expense, or is it just worth paying for it if you like the convenience of not having to change expanders.

  3. Brian- I haven’t used anything other than the Powder Funnels so I can’t in honesty say that they’re better than anything else, but I can say that I’m so happy with then that I wouldn’t be interested in trying any other product.

  4. I have used the Powderfunnel universal expander for over a year now with .38/.357, .44, and .45 cal with great results. I recently added a Hornady .45 cal bullet feeder die (without the rest of the bullet feed system) to ease feeding bullets and found that the Powderfunnels expander did not bell the case mouth in a manner that would reliably hold the Hornady 185 gr XTP bullets. I would still have to press the bullet onto the case by hand to ensure it would not tip on the way to the seating die, even with gentle press movements. Overall, using the bullet feed die alone did increase my output slightly by not having to pause the press to align the bullet and separating the right hand/left hand rhythm. I’ll soon add a tall plastic tube to the bullet feed die for an inexpensive bullet feed system.

    1. Try lowering the powder measure die into the bushing, that’s what I had to do from going to 9mm to 45acp and it seems to work great for me. I have to adjust mine 1 1/2 turns down, And back up for 9mm

  5. I used a Powderfunnel exclusively for about a year. I liked that I didn’t have to make any adjustment when switching between 9MM and .40S&W…the taper of the Powderfunnel required no adjustment to the powder die; however, after a year and several thousand rounds, the Powderfunnel had worn significantly, which surprised me, since I expected tool steel to fare better (I assumed it was made of tool steel, but it appears that is not the case)…I switched back to the Hornady PTX’s.

    What I want to do it adjust the length (by machining) of the PTX so I can swap them out during caliber changes instead of adjusting the powder die.

  6. I’ve been trying for more than a week to get one of these. I ordered online, my card was charged, then uncharged. I called PF, they returned my call and left voicemail but they never processed the order. They don’t have a email on their website to contact. When I call I get the same recording.Anyone have a email?

  7. I was looking for this product and cannot find it any longer. Looks like the company is no longer selling them on their website.

    1. I too have been searching for this product, largely because I plan to reload for .41mag in addition to the “standard” calibers (.380, 9mm, .357, & .45) and Hornady does not make a PTX for the .41 Mag. I was able for find something called a C-Bar Amory Universal Expander that looks similar if not identical. Anyone have experience with it good or bad? Worst case, I get it to use for the .41 and buy PTXs for the other calibers.

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