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If you are like me, you grow tired of forums where people spread mis-information, and can’t control their attitudes/tempers. Amidst all the nonsense, you may have found some forums online where there are a group of cool guys that like to hang out, talk guns, and help each-other out. It’s nice to have a mix of more seasoned experts and newcomers, and to see acceptance and opened minded attitudes. is one of those forums! I’ve appreciated this forum over the years not only for the discussion, but also for the free resources that are available on this site.

One of the great free resources is the load database. It’s really nice to get access to free load data, and even read about the accuracy or other attributes of the rifle/load or pistol/load combination.

Here’s the link to the free load database:
Loaddata database at

Take a moment to check out, and get to know the guys there- and tell them I sent you 🙂


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  1. Look for the forum button if you want to discuss something. I think it’s on the lower left of the main page.

    Oh, and howdy, Gavin.

  2. Your right about it being a good forum. I been a member for years over there. It’s where I first run into your post and followed the link to your site. Loads of good info and a bunch of good folks.

    Keep up the good work Gavin…

  3. is made up of members from all over the world and the experience levels range from new-bies to those with 40+ years of experience in reloading, casting bullets, and just generally enjoying the hobby of shooting and hunting. Come join in on the fun whether you just starting out or have a lifetime of experience to share. We all learn from others experiences.

  4. Hi, I use your site almost exclusively cause it has the best variety of loads. Lately it says site cannot be reached.

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