New Tools Section on Ultimate Reloader

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is to provide a reloading costs calculator so that readers can answer the age old question – “How much will I save if I reload?”.

You can find this resource under “Tools” in the info center (left pane on home page) or go directly to the calculator by clicking on this link:

Would there be other calculators or tools that would be helpful? Please let me know!

Happy number crunching!


4 thoughts on “New Tools Section on Ultimate Reloader”

  1. You should add a section that shows what the cost is after one reload, two reloads, etc. ASSUMING that you are reusing the brass. Then, show what a total cost per round (and box of 20, 50, 100) after your fourth reload.

    If you wanted to get really detailed you could make a section describing your “per trip brass rentention rate is”. So, if you lose 1 piece of brass out of every 10 rounds that you shoot at the range, you could figure a 10% “refill” price on the brass.

    Good job on the calculator so far, Gavin!

  2. Your reloading calculator only works when using the cost of 1 pound of powder the powder quantity is ignored in your calculation.

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