6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2010 from Ultimate Reloader”

  1. Picked up a Dillon 550B on eBay and some nice new RCBS small base X-dies in 223 Rem for my new Stag AR. Only had time to load a few rounds before the holidays–can’t wait to get back to it! Keep up the great work, Gavin!

  2. Bought myself all the tools I always wanted for my ARs. Snap caps, cleaning stuff, wrenches, punches, vise blocks, etc. Feels good to have a complete toolkit.

    Also received an iPad. Anyone know of any sweet apps for guns/reloading?

  3. Got myself the new Hornady bulled feeder. Santa brought me the new Hornady reloading manual, and a new gun cleaning kit.

  4. I decided to build myself a new AR for Christmas. I can’t deny that the AR-MPR series had an influence on my decision to build, as it was my first. I decided to build the upper primarily from Daniel Defense parts. I went with their A3/A4 receiver, bolt carrier group and 16″ barrel. The mid length gas tube is connected to a Troy low profile gas block, shielded by a free floating 13″ Troy TRX Extreme rail. For the lower, I purchased an Armalite M15 with their two stage trigger. On Christmas day I ordered myself a TA31F ACOG. I have yet to decide on which backup iron sights I’ll have.

    The best part about this rifle is how light it is. I expect to weight about 6.5 pounds, optics included.

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