RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeders – in the shop!

If you’re like me, you’re wondering- how exactly do the RCBS rifle bullet feeders work, and how do you setup one? Well, I’m going to bring you all plenty of info and videos regarding how these machines work.

I just got the .22 cal and .30 cal versions, and am planning to show the .22 cal version in action as a part of the AR-MPR project!

More to come, I promise.


RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeders - .22 cal and .30 cal - Image Copyright 2010 Ultimate Reloader


Now I’m wondering if I need an AR-10. as well 🙂

5 thoughts on “RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeders – in the shop!”

  1. Morning!

    I have been researching a bullet feeder for my Dillon XL650… and have a few questions for you. What moved you to choose the RCBS over say the GSI? One point which gives me pause on the RCBS is the loss of a die station (either removing the powder checker or having a die which combines bullet seating with crimping.)

    The GSI seems singular as they provide a new 650 head which adds a specific spot for the bullet feeder to utilize – without losing a die station. At $500 the two unites are right in line for price.

    I have *no* experience with either unit, but would like to hear your thoughts. I hope to load .38special and .223 in competitive precision loads.

    If you have an arrangement with RCBS, that’s cool. 🙂 I am just doing my due diligence.

    All the best,

    Ah, one last Q. The RCBS site is very bold on their statement that “NOT FOR USE WITH CAST OR SWAGED LEAD BULLETS”. I am a cowboy shooter (hence the .38sp) and while I do not cast my own – I do use a wide variety of full lead “China-Camp” flat top bullets. Any thoughts as to how the pistol bullet loader would handle these?

    Again, thanks & hope all is well!

    1. Robin- My goal is to cover as many of the bullet feeders as possible. I have the RCBS and Hornady units locked (for plans) and am pondering the GSI and Mr. Bullet feeder. It’s really a matter of time. If people want the info, I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.


      1. Gavin,

        I think it’s well established that “WE” the people want the info!

        NO one has done a direct comparison between the RCBS/Hornady/GSI/Mr Bullet Feeder.

        I assume you get these products free in exchange for your review/publishing/advertising of these companies products, the question is if Mr Bullet Feeder and/or GSI wont give you units for free, are you willing to put out the money to purchase these units for the better good of the “people”?


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