Redding Competition Bullet Seating Dies – Initial Impressions

If you’re like me, you really appreciate quality tools and equipment. Furthermore, a good value for your hard-earned dollar is always a good thing!

For a long time, I’ve had my eye on the Redding Competition series bullet seating dies. Perhaps like me, you’ve spent a while dialing in your COL when loading rifle, and you’ve thought to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice if I could just dial the die up/down by .005 and not have to try a few times to hit my length”. Well, with micrometer type bullet seating dies you can do just that.

I’m looking forward to using these dies to evaluate press performance. I have one for 30-06, and one for 22-250- so these dies should come in real handy when working up loads and loading benchrest ammo.

Image Copyright 2010 Ultimate Reloader

From all of the great feedback I’ve read I’m expecting to be pleased with the performance of these dies. I’ll let you all know how it goes. Expect to see these dies show up in tests, blog posts, and videos here shortly!

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