Hornady Case Prep Center – Rifle – Part II

Part 2 of the rifle brass trimming walkthrough using the Hornady Case Prep Center.

2 thoughts on “Hornady Case Prep Center – Rifle – Part II”

  1. Someone in the AR-15.com forum suggested that the RCBS 3-way cutter for RCBS trimmers might fit thread-wise this machine. Care to check it out for us?

  2. I have to say that after owning this machine for only 4 days the moto has died on me. I cut just over 600 cases in 4 days and the cutter stopped turning and the motor started humming. I thaught this was a durable well built machine until this happened. I am double guessing my decision on this machine and am considering returning it to the supplier I bought it from if they will take it back. Right now hornady has agreed to take it back under warranty but I just can’t imagine owning a machine that will not be able to handle the amount of cases I plan on doing.

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