4 thoughts on “XL 650 Overview (HD)”

  1. Cn you make a video of changing from a say 223 conversion kit to a 30’06 conversion kit and what it takes to do it? Changing out the shell plates and everything. I load on a rcbs single stage but would like to get one of the 650’s. Thanks, RG

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for all your videos. They are very detailed and informing.
    I was windering if you could make a video anout assembling the Dillon 650, or the Hornady Lock-N-Load, or the Lee 1000 Press from taking it out of the box to start reloading. I also see that you have the Dillon on some sort of pedestal, it is not clamped or bolted to the work table. Please talk about this as well.

    Thank you. Iam looking forward to new videos.

  3. I’ve looked at your videos several times and really like the Hornady powder measurer. Why not adapt it up to the Dillon with a LNL bushing and have the best of both worlds? Looks like it would really make the Dillon rock and would be easier to adjust and do away with some of the moving parts on the Dillon.

  4. do you know if i can attach the Case Feeder of the Loadmaster to a Dillon 650? of any other cheap case feeder?


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