LNL AP Loading 44 Magnum (HD)

In this video, you’ll see an overview of how 44 Magnum ammunition is loaded with the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive reloading press with EZ-Ject. Also covered is the use of the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive case feeder.

In this video, the Hornady Lock-N-Load progressive reloading press is setup with a combination seating and crimping die. Note that you can also load revolver ammunition with separate seating and crimping operations using two individual dies. If you are using Hornady dies, you can use two Hornady seating dies for the appropriate revolver caliber to accomplish this separate setup.

5 thoughts on “LNL AP Loading 44 Magnum (HD)”

  1. what brand of cast bullets are you using in you 44magnum lock-n-load video?…

    what weight are they, and what are you paying for them?…


  2. Hi Jess- these are 240 grain bullets. I bought these bullets from tru-cast. See http://www.tru-cast.com/ – he’s over in Idaho. I’ve had very good luck with these bullets, they ship fast, and are very affordable. No leading problems in my S&W 629 44 Magnum.

  3. hello i just purchased the Hornady lock-n-load had a hard time deciding between l-n-l and lee loadmaster , decided on hornady after watching your videos and reading reviews on loadmaster primer problems, and having 2 lee pro 1000 and dealing with there primer system. After set up and loading 500 rounds, 400 45 apc and 100 44mag the only problem i have is the case not lining up with sizing die have to reach in and help it alot with 44mag and sometimes with 45. after careful observing it seems that the case retainer spring is pulling in on the bottom of the case and tilting the top of the case outward and watching your video u and other dont seem to be having that problem. And by the way I am planning on getting your roller handle but it will have to wait till next month as the press with case feeder and shell plates and bushings etc; has blown my budget this month. And thank you for all the work you have put in on your videos as they made set up a breeze

  4. Hi,

    I’ve been having an issue loading 44 mag in my Hornady LNL AP. When I first got it, about 1 in 5 cases would “lean” outward in station 1- causing it to ram into the side of the sizing die. After Hornady sent out two new shell plates it still did it, so they had me ship it back. Hornady got it back to me saying it was fixed, and for the most part it is. However, now about 1 in 50 cases it still exhibits this issue. No other stations are affected, and no other calibers have the problem (10mm, 357, 45). I’ve replaced the case retainer spring several times with no success. Any ideas?


    1. Just thought I’d update; a friend of mine bought the LNL AP and has this exact same issue with his press (the case is not centering in the die in Station 1, causing it to hit the die). We are both using Hornady dies and noticed that they do not have a chamfer/rounded edge to help guide the cases in; I’ve ordered a Redding Pro Series die to see if it will help the issue.

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