Hornady Hand Priming Tool (HD)

In this video you’ll get an overview of the Hornady hand priming tool including a description of what is included with this product, assembly, and a demonstration of priming .223 Remington brass with this priming tool.

Note that contrary to what you hear from some people, this Hornady hand priming tool does work with all brands of reloading shellholders I’ve tried (Redding, Hornady, Lee so far…) You use the black tray for Hornady shellholders, and the green tray for other shellholders.

5 thoughts on “Hornady Hand Priming Tool (HD)”

  1. Very helpful info. I am in the process of possibly purcahsing a Hornady LNL AP, but am interested in the priming system of the press. I have found that the priming system seems to be the weakness in some presses. Do you have any, or could you make any, videos that really go into depth on the priming system of the LNL AP. Such as reliability and does it only feed primers if a shell is present. Thanks.

  2. Thanks-
    After 1000s and 1000s of rounds through my Lock-N-Load AP progressive, I’m very happy with the priming system. The one consideration is keeping the parts clean (clean every 500 to 1000 rounds by blowing near the slide with the slide open is usually sufficient). If you use a dowel or rod for a bit of extra weight (now included with the press I think) you can solve the only problem with the priming system (last primer some times does not feed). I like to use a rod with tape on it for a level indicator, that way I know when I’m going to run out of primers.

    The priming system video is a good idea, I’ll start working on that soon.


  3. It looks like you are holding the tool backwards, although the beavertail on the handle seems to be designed to fit the web of the hand. Holding the tool as shown in the video is dangerous as the open end of the brass is aimed toward the user.

    Is this a design flaw?

  4. If you want to prime by hand how do you get the primer out of the case? Friends at the club say to do this by hand but I just deprime on the LnL AP press. Is there a good way to deprime without the use of tghis press? Does it matter? They guys say that it will avoid the mess on the press if I do it by hand.

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