Capital Cartridge has been supplying once-fired brass shell casings for commercial and recreational reloading since 2012. Capital Cartridge uses proprietary systems to efficiently process and accurately sort hundreds of thousands of pounds every month. Capital’s mission is to provide the best quality, fully segregated brass to meet any customer’s demand.

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Where does Capital get brass?

Capital buys directly from military bases and gun ranges across the country. Most of the pistol brass Capital acquires is sourced from indoor ranges because they have found that high quality raw materials result in a high quality finished product.

How does Capital Cartridge sort range brass?

Capital has proprietary equipment that sorts brass by diameter and then by height. Capital’s team of brass experts then hand inspects every case to ensure caliber accuracy and brass quality. They also sorts nickel casings from brass!

Does Capital Cartridge sell in bulk?

Yes! Capital sorts through approximately 200,000 LBS of brass every month, and are capable of filling orders ranging from 25 casings of specialty calibers to full truckloads of brass for commercial ammunition re-manufacturing. They take pride in the ability to meet all of their customer’s needs.

How is Capital Cartridge different?

Capital keeps a large inventory of fully segregated casings and are able to ship pallet quantities of most calibers with as little as one day’s notice. Additionally, because of the massive amount of brass they sort through, Capital can carry many rare and hard to find calibers.

Some of the calibers you’ll find in the “Specialty Section” of the Capital Cartridge website include:

.22 TCM .270 WSM .338 Lapua 500 S&W Mag
.22-250 Rem .300 RUM .44 Rem Mag 7MM Rem
.243 Win .300 WSM .45 Colt 7MM-08

And many more!