MEC 9000E with Auto-Mate: Loading 12 Gauge in Style

Getting the MEC 9000E with Auto-Mate reminds me of a recent experience involving my Case 580 backhoe, and a shovel. After owning my ~16,000lb 4×4 backhoe with 4×4 and extendahoe, I had to do some digging with a shovel. Let me just say that about 5 minutes into digging with the shovel, I exclaimed out […]

Best Day Ever: Shooting Clays with the MEC 100E ATA

After a long cold Winter, each sunny day feels like magic. And it’s even better when you can get outdoors and do something fun with friends to enjoy the experience. This was just one of those days. I had recently put my MEC 100E ATA together, and was very eager to try it out. A […]


Ultimate Reloader is proud to be partnered with the Mayville Engineering Company (MEC). Here are a few words from MEC that will tell you the “story” of their history and product portfolio. History 1945 – Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. was founded by cousins Leo and Ted Bachhuber. The original manufacturing facility was a rented garage […]

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