Interview with Chris Hodgdon Part 2

In my first interview with Chris Hodgdon, we talked about the history of Hodgdon Powder Company and learned a bit about Chris himself. In this second interview, we’ll hear about current Hodgdon products, and hear from Chris what Hodgdon is doing about the current powder shortages, and what you can do to “weather the storm”.


Here are some interesting things I learned from this interview:

  1. 80% of Hodgdon powder goes to handloader and store shelves
  2. 20% of Hodgdon powder goes to OEM ammunition manufacturers
  3. Hodgdon does not sell to military
  4. Hodgdon has been at capacity for 17 months
  5. CFE Pistol (new “Copper Fouling Eraser” product) is the copper fouling powder that uses a similar formulation as CFE 223

If you want to beat the current powder shortages, here are some tips from Chris:

  1. Find less popular powders that will work for your application
  2. Go to local retailer, have them order powder
  3. Go to gun shows
  4. Mail order
  5. Multiple orders from multiple sources

Here’s the full interview (Part II) with Chris:

It’s been fun learning more about the gunpowder industry, and getting to know Chris Hodgdon better.

Are you interested in hearing from someone in particular or a particular company in the reloading industry? Please leave a comment!


6 thoughts on “Interview with Chris Hodgdon Part 2”

  1. Thanks Gavin, timely & informative interview. Appreciate your emphasis on sharing & working together as gun lovers & reloaders to wx this storm. Great site & great content – have been with you since the beginning. Looking foward to more great content – Keep it up my friend!!

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