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AR-308 – Geissele SD-C Trigger Upgrade

Monday, August 8th, 2011

A while back, I posted the Geissele trigger install video while building the AR-MPR AR-15 rifle. I liked the Geissele trigger used on the AR-MPR project so much, that I decided to buy one for the AR-308 project – this time a different version. In this video, we’ll remove the factory trigger, and replace it with the Geissele Super Dynamic SD-C trigger assembly.

Here’s a picture that shows the parts and tools used:

Tools and Trigger Components used for the Geissele SD-C trigger install - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

In the picture above, we have (from left):

  1. 1/8″ punch
  2. Trigger pin alignment and install tool
  3. Top: Hammer assembly Bottom: Trigger and disconnector
  4. Grease
  5. Top: Product booklet Bottom: Product bag

If you are familiar with the process, it’s easy, and you can do this upgrade in about 10 minutes. If you watch the video and then try it your self for the first time, plan on 15 – 20 minutes total. Don’t forget to put a drop of oil on the pins and some grease on the sear engagement surfaces!

Results: If you recall from the Rifle Overview Video, the stock trigger had a 7.5lb pull. Following the upgrade, we have a crisp and smooth 5lb pull with minimal pull distance. It works great!

AR-MPR: Build Part 7 – Lower – Buttstock and Mating Upper Lower

Friday, February 4th, 2011

In this, the final AR-15 assembly video, we’ll walk through the installation of the takedown pin and the buttstock assembly. Finally, we’ll put the upper and lower together for the first time and establish basic functionality (formal function check to follow in subsequent posts).

After all of the planning and work that went into getting this rifle into its proper form, it’s quite exciting to see it come together, and to hold it as if I was at the range, or stalking down a Coyote.



From the Video- Checking Basic Functioning - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

Next, we’ll take a look at the Nikon Monarch scope that was selected for this project, trick it out, install it on the rifle, level reticles, do a basic sight-in, and then head to the range. Can’t wait!


AR-MPR: Build Part 6 – Lower – Trigger Grip and Safety

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Continuing our way through the lower build steps, in this video, we’ll look at installing the Geissele national match trigger assembly, the trigger guard, the safety selector lever assembly, and the pistol grip.



Geissele trigger assembly as shown in the Video - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader


Next, it’s on to the stock and final touches!