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Dillon XL-650 Quick Switch Kit – Magnum/Special

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

As tinkering guys, we are always looking to make our machinery smoother, faster, better, and more efficient. If there’s a way to squeeze more out of our equipment, chances are one of us will think of a way to make that happen! One of these tinkerers is Doug Williams. Doug is a big fan of Dillon reloading equipment, and he had a thought- what if I could use the same toolhead for both my “Special” loads, and my “Magnum” loads (38/357 or 44spl/44mag). Setting up dies is enjoyable the first time, but not so enjoyable when switching between special loads and magnum loads.

Doug has devised a special set of toolheads for Dillon reloading machines (currently for the 550b and the XL-650) that feature a flippable spacer that adjusts the height of the toolhead in the press to compensate for the difference in case length between the special brass and the magnum brass for 44 and 38/357. That way you can keep your dies, powder measure, and powder checker die in one toolhead, and use them for both special and magnum brass. A great idea!

XL-650 quick switch kit contents - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

The above picture shows what you get with the kit. In the box are instructions and info, the CNC machined toolhead (which is VERY nicely machined!), and the flippable spacer.

Here’s a closeup of the toolhead and spacer:

XL-650 quick switch toolhead closeup - Image copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

I love to see people innovating in their reloading rooms, and after using the adjustable toolhead, I think it’s a great product. I used it for 38 Special to 357 Magnum switchover, and put together an HD video for you all showing it in use:

If you are interested in ordering this product, here is the information you’ll need, from Doug:

I keep a 550B version ($50) and a 650 version ($55) listed on ebay or will sell direct with contact through email and payment through paypal. Shipping for one or two toolheads to any US address is $5 and most international addresses is $14.

Do you have experience with this kit, or other Dillon “aftermarket” gear? Please leave a comment!