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Unboxing the RCBS Ultrasonic Cleaner

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

In preparation for loading 45 ACP on the RCBS Pro Chucker 5, I thought it would be a great idea to “get serious” about my die cleaning setup. Well, I’m about to show you a huge upgrade from my “shake the dies in a can of paint thinner method” that I’ve used for years. I’m pretty excited to “step into the modern era” on this one.


Enter the RCBS Ultrasonic Cleaner. This unit is packed with features, and will be great for cleaning dies, cleaning handguns and gun parts, and cleaning brass. In this post/video, I’ll do a live un-boxing (no, I didn’t peek inside prior to shooting the video :)).

Here’s the overview of what’s included:



  • Main unit
  • Parts basket
  • Power cord
  • Drain hose
  • Owner’s manual

I’m looking forward to cleaning some dies with this unit- that’s up next. I’ll pick up where we left off here with setup, and we’ll get those 45 ACP dies ready to rock on the RCBS Pro Chucker 5!



Video: Rifle Brass Prep Made Easy with the RCBS Trim Pro 3-Way Cutter

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

In a previous post, I demonstrated using machine shop equipment (a metal lathe and milling machine) for rifle brass prep. In this post, I’m following up on a suggestion to show the RCBS Trim Pro 3-Way cutter to collapse thee steps into one.

Here’s the steps that I showed in the original post:

  1. Lube, size, de-prime
  2. Trim to length
  3. Chamfer inside of case mouth
  4. Chamfer outside of case mouth
  5. Ream primer pocket

Using the RCBS 3-way cutter this gets shortened to:

  1. Lube, size, de-prime
  2. Trim-to-length, chamfer inside and outside of case mouth
  3. Ream primer pocket

This means you only need to handle the brass 3 times instead of 5. That’s a huge time saver! So what is the RCBS 3-way cutter? Read on…

RCBS 3-way cutter in .22 Caliber (left) and 30 Caliber (right) - Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

RCBS 3-way cutter in .22 Caliber (left) and 30 Caliber (right) – Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

This cutting tool features a 4-blade trimmer which trims the case to length, a pilot which centers the case mouth and chamfers the inside of the case mouth, and an adjustable outside trimmer to chamfer the outside of the case mouth. With this tool adjusted properly, you will attain a very high quality finish on your case mouth, and loaded cartridges will feed reliably in semi-automatic rifles due to the contour of the outside of the case mouth. In the close-up picture below you can see the parts that make up this tool:

RCBS 3-way cutter closeup - Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

RCBS 3-way cutter closeup – Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

On the bottom of the side lug you can see an allen screw. This allen screw is used to lock in the outside chamfer adjustment which is fine-tuned using the thumb wheel seen on the outside of the side lug. RCBS sells this 3-way cutter as a drop-in replacement for the cutter used in various RCBS case prep tools, but I checked and it will also work with the Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center. In my previous post, I was able to use a standard drill chuck in my milling machine to secure the standard 4-blade case trimming cutter. Due to the side lug on the RCBS 3-way cutter, I had to think differently for the setup used in this post. The challenge is securing the tool by its shank without damaging the threads that extend across most of the shank surface. This is where collets come in handy! I used one of my Morse Taper 3 collets (3/8″ ID is called for here) to secure the cutter, and it worked great.

A 3/8" collet was used to hold the collet - Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

A 3/8″ collet was used to hold the collet – Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

After installing the RCBS 3-way cutter in the milling machine, I dialed it in as follows:

  1. Back out outside chamfer adjustment
  2. Insert previously trimmed case
  3. Lower ram against stop (lowers cutting tool to lower position)
  4. Raise table until case mouth “kisses” cutting tool
  5. Trim case, measure length, adjust table height as necessary
  6. Adjust outside chamfer setting (a good chamfer, but not to the point of “sharpening” the case mouth

Below you can see the setup I used in the video:

RCBS 3-Way cutter installed in milling machine - Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

RCBS 3-Way cutter installed in milling machine – Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

Sure, reading about this tool is great, but wouldn’t you like to see it in action? Check out the following video:

Now that I have a bunch of prepped 308 brass, I’m going to load a bunch of ammo for my “AR-10” style DPMS LR-308B. See you all soon!


RCBS introduces Summit single stage press – now this is different!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Single stage presses are all pretty much the same, right? There are some exceptions like the Forster Co-Ax press, but for the most part these presses have the same basic design. RCBS has recently introduced a new take on the single-stage reloading press: The Summit.

RCBS Summit

You can see in this picture how the base of the press bolts down to your bench and the die mount actually moves up and down instead of an under-bench ram moving up and down. There are a couple benefits that I can see here:

  1. You don’t need clearance under your bench
  2. The case stays stationary which makes bullets and cases less likely to tip

Here’s some information from RCBS:

Part No. Description
9290 Summit Single Stage Reloading Press
9291 Short Handle – Summit Reloading Press

Features & Benefits

  • Bench-top operation
  • Ambidextrous handle operation with compound leverage
  • Massive 2-inch diameter ram
  • Full frontal access
  • Accepts bushings for 1-inch die bodies
  • Press adapter bushing
  • Zerk fitting for lubrication
  • Spent primer catcher
  • 4.50-inch operating window for convenient access

I’m curious about this press. Anyone else have experience with it? Please leave a comment! More information is available from RCBS HERE.


RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press Sale at MidwayUSA

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Have you been eyeing an RCBS Rockchucker press or kit? Now’s a good time to check out the sale that MidwayUSA is having on these presses!

Just in time for Christmas! :)


RCBS Lube Die- Lube While You Load

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

In my last post, I gave an overview of some of the case lube products that I’ve used personally. These are the spray-on and wipe-on products that a lot of reloaders use on a regular basis. But there’s one more product that I use that’s interesting for those that want to load bulk quantities of rifle ammunition on a progressive reloading press- it’s the RCBS Lube Die.

This die will decap and lube in one step. If you’re loading on a 5-station progressive press, you can throw in this die just ahead of your sizing die. You charge the die with the supplied case lube, and it gets applied automatically as a part of the reloading process. Very cool! One thing that you need to carefully control with this setup is the quantity of lube in the die. If you over-do it, you can end up with a mess. What you won’t have is the mess associated with lubricating rifle cases by hand- that can be one of the most time consuming and unpleasant parts of reloading rifle ammo!

Here’s an example 5-station reloading setup that you could employ with this die:

  1. RCBS lube die (lube, decap)
  2. Full-length sizing
  3. Powder charge
  4. Bullet seat
  5. Bullet crimp (optional)

So, if you are reloading a lot of rifle ammo, you may want to give this product a thought…