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Starting to Loading Rifle, Part II: Video Walkthrough and Resources

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

In this article I’ll build on my last post which listed all of the items that you’ll need to start reloading rifle ammunition.

Here are some additional resources here on Ultimate Reloader that will help you get off the ground reloading:

Hornady Case Prep Center

AR-MPR Phase II: Precision Loading and Accurizing

AR-308 Precision Loading

Happy shopping and loading!


AR-15 Build DVD Black Friday Weekend Sale!

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

If you have been waiting to build an AR-15, now is the time! Order your parts now and you can complete your AR-15 for Christmas! If you want complete step-by-step guidance to show you how to put your rifle together, check out the AR-MPR precision rifle build DVD, now priced lower then ever and only through the black friday weekend!

Special: $8.90 + $3.80 shipping and handling!


Awesome 308 Loading Setup Allows Monitoring of Brass Length While Loading

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Ever since I started the AR-308 project here on Ultimate Reloader, I’ve been scheming up and crafting the “ultimate” (pun intended) reloading setup for precision 308 ammunition. I really enjoy shooting the LR-308B rifle, and I know exactly what I’m looking for in a 308 loading setup for everyday precision shooting:

  1. Efficiency in brass prep – Ideally I can loose sort (308 -vs- 7.62×51 military), tumble, and load!
  2. Efficiency during loading – I don’t want to spend a lot of time on non-match ammo
  3. Precision ammunition: I’m looking for consistent powder charges, and concentric bullet alignment with consistent seating depth

My answer to these requirements is to use a 5-station progressive reloader (Hornady Lock-N-Load AP shown here) with top quality dies, and a “secret weapon”. What’s the secret you may ask? It’s the Redding Instant Indicator.

This tool is quite versatile! Redding Reloading lists the following uses for this tool:

  • Sort bullets for uniformity
  • Sort cases fired in two or more rifles
  • Sort sized cases for uniformity
  • Set up sizing die correctly
  • Compare sized cases to fired cases to determine the amount of headspace
  • Check uniformity of shoulder bump
  • Check bullet seating depth uniformity
  • Sort loaded ammunition for uniformity
  • Determine when cases need trimming
  • Check trim length uniformity
  • Supplied with one bore diameter

In the setup I’ll show here, I’m using it to check trim length – and the big deal here is that I can do this while I load in full-progressive mode!

Redding National Match die set with Redding Instant Indicator setup on a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP - Let the ammo fly! Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

Redding National Match die set with Redding Instant Indicator setup on a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP – Let the ammo fly! Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

Here’s a station-by-station breakdown:

  1. Redding Size/deprime (full-length sizing)
  2. Redding Instant Indicator with solid plug – adjusted to show “0″ for optimal trim length
  3. Powder charge
  4. Redding competition seating die
  5. Redding taper crimp die

Here’s a video showing how this works:

Now that I have a bunch of ammo, it’s time to take the LR-308B to the range!


Resources: Fundamentals for Super-Accurate Rifle Reloads

Thursday, January 31st, 2013
Measuring and adjusting bullet runout with .223 / 5.56 ammunition - Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

Measuring and adjusting bullet runout with .223 / 5.56 ammunition – Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

Recently I blogged about reloading accurate rifle ammunition:
5 Tips for Reloading Accurate Rifle Ammunition

In this blog post I outlined some primary considerations and processes:

  1. Start with proven loads and load data
  2. Fire form your brass
  3. Optimize bullet seating depth
  4. Optimize bullet concentricity
  5. Experiment

I wanted to expand on some of these points by providing additional resources for any of you who want to take a deeper look at these concepts.

Load Data

There’s a ton of great load data available online these days, and here are a few of my favorite online sources:

Optimizing Seating Depth

This should be a mandatory step for anyone reloading rifle ammunition for accuracy. Here are a couple of posts I put together on the subject:

…and if you want to jump straight to the videos: (click on the gear and change to HD if you want high quality :) )

Optimize Bullet Concentricity

Likewise, bullet concentricity is critical for accurate rifle ammunition! Here’s some posts that show how to minimize bullet runout:


There you go! Hope these resources prove helpful. Have additional resources to share? Please leave a comment. It’s time to build some tack-driving rifle ammunition (will also need to go to the range)!


AR-308 – RCBS Pro-2000 and 30 cal RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Now that we’ve covered the precision loading process for the AR-308 project, it’s time now to move on to progressive reloading. This will enable us to load ammunition very quickly. If we select the right equipment, and are careful and strategic to setup this equipment, we can also attain very high consistency for the ammo that we reload on this type of progressive equipment.

During the AR-MPR (AR-15 build and loading) project, I covered the 22 caliber version of the RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder also on the RCBS Pro-2000 press. Here are some of the relevant posts:

The 30 caliber version of this bullet feeder is essentially the same, but with parts modified to work with .308″ diameter bullets instead of .224″ diameter bullets.

Some pictures of the RCBS Pro-2000 and RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder:

RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder (30 cal) and RCBS Pro-2000 - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

Die stations 1-nothing, 2-nothing, 3-powder measure, 4-bullet feed die, 5-Redding Competition Seating Die - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

RCBS Rifle Bullet Feed 30 Cal Bullet Collator - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

One of the things that makes loading rifle ammunition on a progressive reloading press difficult is the force required for full length sizing. For this video, I used pre-sized brass. For this reason, I did not include a sizing die in this setup. This translated to the smoothest reloading of rifle ammo on a progressive press that I’ve experienced. Lubing, sizing, and cleaning/prepping prior to progressive loading (for rifle ammunition) is a great way to go.

And here’s a video showing the loading process with this setup:

Overall this setup worked well. Due to the excessive clearance in the drop tube I did have some bullets get stuck (Hornady A-Max with polymer tip and boat tail base). The Speer deep-curl flat base bullets worked perfect. I’ll be contacting RCBS to find out if they have a solution for the “wedged bullets” for the boat tail bullets. The uniflow powder measure does a great job with the Benchmark powder – very consistent results. (+/- 0.2 grains on 40 grains charge, that’s 0.5% variance). The Hornady concentricity tool also had good things to say about this setup. Overall bullet runout holding in the .001″ total variance range for most loaded cartridges.

Do you guys have progressive precision loading tips/experiences for rifle ammo you want to share? Please leave a comment!