Ultimate Reloader Deal: Save 10% on 7.62x39mm Brass at Capital Cartridge

Wanting to load 7.62x39mm ammunition for your AK-47 or SKS? Having a hard time finding reloadable brass? You’re not alone! But there’s an answer! Capital Cartridge has a plentiful supply of 7.62x39mm once fired brass you can order in bulk. I’ve been using this brass (check out my recent post on reloading 7.62x39mm brass for the AK-47) and it has been working great for me.

Through the end of April 2017, you can get 10% off 7.62x29mm brass at Capital Cartridge! Here’s the link:

7.62x39mm Once-Fired brass from Capital Cartridge

Just apply the following coupon code, and you’re good to go!

Look for more 7.62x39mm reloading and shooting content on Ultimate Reloader here soon!


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